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Helene: A syntax highlighting text editor in javascript.
Helene is a syntax highlighting text editor written in javascript. It is meant as a replacement for textarea's in webbased IDE's. Helene is developed by Muze for the Ariadne content management system , but can be used for virtually any other system.
Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer and Mozilla
Last modified: May 12, 2006

Zebda client-side form validation JS library
Zebda is a general purpose javascript library built on Prototype 1.4.0. Although it has some utility functions, the main purpose is handling client-side form validation.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified: May 12, 2006

JavaScript VectorGraphics: High performance JavaScript vector graphics library
This JavaScript VectorGraphics library provides graphics capabilities for JavaScript: functions to draw circles, ellipses (ovals), oblique lines, polylines and polygons (for instance triangles, rectangles) dynamically into a webpage.
Browser Compatibility: Gecko-Browsers, IE 4, 5 and 6, Netscape 4, Opera 5, 6 and 7, Safari
Last modified: May 12, 2006

JavaScript / CSS / DOM image zoomer - tjpzoom 2.0
This is an improved version of the tjpzoom tool that brings images closer.
Browser Compatibility: IE 6+, Firefox 1.5.0+
Last modified: May 10, 2006

wForms - A Javascript Extension to Web Forms
wForms is an open-source, unobtrusive javascript library that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Opera, Safari
Last modified: May 10, 2006

PlotKit Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript
"...simple graph plotting in Javascript without resorting to anything but your web browser."
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera
Last modified: May 05, 2006

A tooltip is a helpful hint that will appear when an action is performed. For example this might be clicking on a a "Help" link. The link is considered the activator.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera
Last modified: May 05, 2006

SWFObject: Javascript Flash Player detection and embed script
Browser Compatibility: IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Last modified: April 27, 2006

JavaScript: Deliver Password Protected Content
The file password.html uses a call to an external Javascript. Based on the user password (or you could use it as a simple keyword search, too) dynamic content is delivered to the page.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox
Last modified: April 26, 2006

AgileGallery - AJAX Photo gallery for Picasa
AgileGallery is an AJAX photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa (http://picasa.google.com/) and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any description entered in Picasa.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Safari
Last modified: April 25, 2006

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