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SEO And Web Design: Which Should Come First?

by James Cummings April 02, 2019
If you ask a group of people which came first: the chicken or the egg? You are bound to have differing answers. Likewise, if you ask whether SEO should be started before or after website design, you will get conflicting responses.

SSL Certificates: Everything You Need to Know

by Joe Peters March 28, 2019
Internet security is becoming an increasingly important topic of conversation. With increasingly high profile data breaches becoming major news, site owners have to be more careful than ever before about making sure that the information of their users is protected. An SSL certificate has become a practical necessity for any site dealing in personal data.

Useful SMS Marketing Tips For Small Businesses To Increase Brand Sales

by Jack Dsouja March 12, 2019
There are lots of ways in which you can achieve the desired results through SMS marketing which is in vogue now in business marketing. There are lots of websites that will tell you about the ways to go ahead with such endeavor or you may even take help of an expert SMS marketing service provider for that matter.

The Upcoming Business Branding Trends in 2019 to Watch for

by Jack Dsouja March 08, 2019
Every business needs to reconsider their branding elements to see if you are a cutting-edge modern brand or holds the value of a traditional one. Branding is important to be at the forefront of online searches by potential customers. In a general overview, we can see that the leading branding trends of 2019 are more oriented towards two definitive paths as 1) futuristic and 2) nostalgic.

15 of the Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid this Year

by James Cummings February 04, 2019
Just one small, seemingly inconsequential mistake on an award-winning website is enough to sink your business. We’ve seen many of these mistakes - for which even the pros are sometimes guilty of making. Such errors undermine your site credibility and cause you to lose visitors.

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