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Are you planning to design or redesign your website? Then keep this in mind!

by Danny Archar November 15, 2017
If at some point in the process the decisions are made based on what the company thinks without having a prior study of the target audience, it will fall into an error, since it will be faced with an inefficient site. The stakeholders of the company are those who decide what happens on the site, but who will be using it are the users and they are the ones who decide whether to stay or return.

5 Tips to Help You Implement Consistency in Your Web Design

by Charlie Brown July 31, 2017
The importance of consistency in digital interfaces cannot be overstated. People who are surfing the internet will encounter hundreds of websites with different styles, even though the core elements will be rather similar.

A Handy Checklist of Latest Web Design Essentials for Effective SEO in 2017

by Charlie Brown July 25, 2017
People used to think of web design and search engine optimization as two different technical entities that are far apart from each other. For a novice in the industry, it might appear to be so. However, experts know that web design is no more just about page layout, colors, graphics, and fonts that help make a website attractive.

Digital Marketing for Startups: What to Know About Local SEO

by James Helliwell July 19, 2017
If your startup business is about delivering services to a local audience, you’d be delighted to know that 50% of people that do a search on local businesses make a purchase within the same day. This is according to Google.

Want To Step Up your Site Search? You Need to Read This First

by Jack Dawson May 31, 2017
If you've been operating an online sales site for a while, chances are you already know the potential value of a site search engine.

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