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Helene: A syntax highlighting text editor in javascript.


What is Helene

Helene is a syntax highlighting text editor written in javascript. It is meant as a replacement for textarea's in webbased IDE's. Helene is developed by Muze ( http://www.muze.nl/ ) for the Ariadne content management system , but can be used for virtually any other system.


An online demo of Helene can be found at http://helene.muze.nl/ariadne/loader.php/helene/demo/ . The demo is a cvs/svn head version of Helene and thus may contain more features/bugs than the downloadable release.

Supported browsers

Currently Helene supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla. The javascript code is almost entirely DOM based, so any modern browser should in principle be able to run the code. 


  • Syntax highlighting
    Helene highlights source code embedded in html pages. Colors are fully adjustable via a seperate CSS file.
    Supported languages: php, javascript, smarty. 
  • Line numbers
    Like other good programmers editors Helene displays line numbers next to each line.
  • Load and Save javascript methods
  • Automatic detection of text size and font family.
  • Adjustable keybindings, Helene supports default windows key bindings and a select set
    of Joe keybindings (^kv ^ku ^e ^a ^z ^x). 
  • Tab support
    Unlike normal text areas you can enter a tab character in Helene. 
  • Autoindenting new lines (configurable) 
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo. Thanks to Paul Colomiets.

Browsers Compatibility:
Internet Explorer and Mozilla
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