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JavaScript: Deliver Password Protected Content


This is super simple. DO NOT RELY ON IT FOR TOTAL SECURITY!!!

The file password.html uses a call to an external Javascript. Based on the user password (or you could use it as a simple keyword search, too) dynamic content is delivered to the page.
The cool thing is if you reload it.. you have to put the password in the prompt field.

You can just cut and paste it to two files one with htm or html extensions and the other with .js extension.Play around with it. You can change the if statements to whatever 'password' or 'keyword' you want.

Use the document.write to build the page for you. The external javascript keeps folks from saving the page or right clicking to get to get it the info(passwords).

I'm sure someone knows how to get the info from an external file and when prompted..save file to disk 'to view source of the external script), but this is a good client-side protection method. You could hide it in an include file or another js file to mask to information or run it server side.

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