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JavaScript: Deliver Password Protected Content
The file password.html uses a call to an external Javascript. Based on the user password (or you could use it as a simple keyword search, too) dynamic content is delivered to the page.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox
Last modified: April 26, 2006

JavaScript MD5
This is a collection of scripts that will allow you to create a secure login system with JavaScript.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Opera
Last modified: April 04, 2006

Character Encoder
Encrypts a string by converting each character to it's ASCII key code. Supports two-way encryption - from a string to the numeric code, or from the numeric code back to the string. You can, for example, send the encrypted code to a friend and have them decode it with this script. Lots more uses, use your imagination!
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified:



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