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The MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms are secure hash functions. They take a string input, and produce a fixed size number - 128 bits for MD4 and MD5; 160 bits for SHA-1. This number is a hash of the input - a small change in the input results in a substantial change in the output. The functions are thought to be secure, in the sense that it would require an enormous amount of computing power to find a string which hashes to a chosen value. In others words, there's no way to decrypt a secure hash. The uses of secure hashes include digital signatures and challenge hash authentication. 

An alpha release is available for the next version of the MD5 and SHA1 scripts. They now support utf-8 input encoding and output in any arbitrary encoding. Also, the information about writing a login system has been much expanded, although the online example is not currently working.

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