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Spam-me-not Email Obfuscator


This little JavaScript encodes and thus "obfuscates" your email address so that spammers cannot easily harvest it from your web pages with their search robots.

How do I use it?

JavaScript is only needed for encoding your email with this program. It is NOT needed for the pages where you want to publish the encoded addresses.

  • Load the page in your browser with JavaScript switched on. Simply enter your email address in the first field. The encoded version and the compled obfuscated email link will appear automatically in their respective fields below.
    You can choose between different encoding modes:
    1. decimal notation will encode every character as decimal ascii code.
    2. hexadecimal notation does the same, but in hexadecimal notation.
    3. random-mixed notation mixes the previously mentioned codings randomly.
    4. don't encode, of course, doesn't just that ;-)
  • < Optionally you may enter a link text (like your name) in the third field. If you do so, the "Link text" selector automatically changes to "text as given above".
  • Copy the resulting code (either the full link or just the email address + mailto, just as you require) into the source code of your page in place of your email address. Save your html page and view it in your browser: you will still see a readable, valid email address + email link on your page, while the spammers email harvesting search engines will see nothing of it.


Browsers Compatibility:
Mozilla 1.x/Netscape 6.x, Opera 6.x, Internet Exploder 5.x.
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