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Farbtastic: jQuery color picker plug-in
Farbtastic is a jQuery plug-in that can add one or more color picker widgets into a page through JavaScript. Each widget is then linked to an existing element (e.g. a text field) and will update the element's value when a color is selected.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified: October 31, 2006

Spam-me-not Email Obfuscator
A simple anti-spam email link obfuscator in JavaScript for your webpages.
Browser Compatibility: Mozilla 1.x/Netscape 6.x, Opera 6.x, Internet Exploder 5.x.
Last modified: October 30, 2006

JaS gallery
JaS is short for JavaScript Slides and it is a highly customizable JavaScript library for easily turning your images into a collection viewable as a slideshow, and with fading effects, if desired.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Opera, Safari
Last modified: September 21, 2006

A JavaScript tag cloud implementation for WordPress
This a “tag cloud” feature for the category list in a WordPress powered weblog.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Safari, Opera
Last modified: September 21, 2006

Javascript Webpage Preloaders
This preloader is designed to let your visitors know that the webpage they are about to see is getting loaded.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Safari, Opera
Last modified: September 18, 2006

flickrshow: Simple JavaScript slideshows for Flickr
flickrshow provides you with the simplest way of displaying your Flickr photosets on your own website.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified: August 29, 2006

HBcms Color Picker
Microsoft Windows/Office Color Picker
Browser Compatibility: IE / firefox
Last modified: August 20, 2006

Inline Ajax Dictionary Tooltips Not rated
Highlight any text on this site then right click. A tooltip containing the definition of the selected word shows up.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified: June 27, 2006

SWFObject: Javascript Flash Player detection and embed script
Browser Compatibility: IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Last modified: April 27, 2006

AgileGallery - AJAX Photo gallery for Picasa
AgileGallery is an AJAX photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa (http://picasa.google.com/) and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any description entered in Picasa.
Browser Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Safari
Last modified: April 25, 2006

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