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Web Analytics with JavaScript Page Tagging and Server Log Files : Comparison of 2 Analytical Methods

by Kingsley Tagbo February 08, 2007
There are 2 primary ways to collect and analyze web server log files. The first way is through the use of JavaScript code embedded between the [head] metatags of each page you need to analyze. The JavaScript code is executed when the page loads. An exampl

How to Validate Forms with JavaScript

by Paul McCarthy January 09, 2007
This solution demonstrates key advantages in using JavaScript to progressively enhance a form.

Open Source Code behind PoloMercantil

by Roberto Sedycias January 03, 2007
As we started the project of the electronic auction PoloMercantil.com, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares.

JavaScript Obfuscators Review

by ajaxpath.com December 21, 2006
Obfuscated code is source code that is (usually intentionally) very hard to read and understand. Macro preprocessors are often used to create hard to read code by masking the standard language syntax and grammar from the main body of code.

AJAX is NOT A Search Engine Killer Anymore; "Friendly AJAX Howto"

by Andrey Sivtsov December 12, 2006
AJAX has been accepted to be unfriendly to the search engines, and thus not recommended to be used in Community Software. Today BoonEx tells how to make AJAX friendly.

Bonsai - a Loopless Tree Menu Using Event Delegation

by Christian Heilmann November 08, 2006
This is an example how to use Event Delegation instead of event handling to avoid having to loop through a lot of elements.

Correct OOP for Javascript

by Shelby H. Moore III October 23, 2006
Among the numerous articles on the topic of inheritance and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) using Javascript, many of them share a fundamental flaw.

9 JavaScript Tips You May Not Know

by Ayman Hourieh October 16, 2006
JavaScript is a fully-featured Object-Oriented programming language, on the surface, it shares syntactical similarities with Java and C, but the mentality is quite different, at its core, JavaScript is more similar to functional languages.

CSS in the Large

by Krzysztof Szafranek October 12, 2006
CSS is not a programming language. Its syntax was intented to be easy to grasp for designers – people who think in a visual rather than procedural way.

Useful Utility Functions in mootools

by Cory Hudson September 15, 2006
The new mootools JavaScript framework has quickly impressed me with its design and usefulness.

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