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Mastering Ajax, Part 4: Exploiting DOM for Web response

May 22, 2006
In this article, Brett McLaughlin introduces the Document Object Model, explains its use in Web pages, and starts to explore its usage from JavaScript.

How JavaScript Crossed the Chasm

by Aytekin Tank May 10, 2006
Until couple years ago, doing anything more than simple form validations or image mouseovers with JavaScript was considered drudging work.

Mastering Ajax, Part 3: Advanced requests and responses in Ajax

by Brett McLaughlin May 03, 2006
Gain a complete understanding of HTTP status codes, ready states, and the XMLHttpRequest object.

Mastering Ajax, Part 2: Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax

by Brett McLaughlin April 18, 2006
In this article, Brett McLaughlin shows you how to create XMLHttpRequest instances in a cross-browser way, construct and send requests, and respond to the server.

Top 10 Custom JavaScript Functions of All Time

by Dustin Diaz April 03, 2006
If there was ever a universal common.js shared among the entire develosphere, you'd find these ten (plus one bonus) functions. It would be the swiss army knife no developer would go into production without.

Seven Ways to Toggle an Element with JavaScript

by Dustin Diaz March 30, 2006
There are litterally an unlimitted number of ways to toggle an element’s display with JavaScript. Some, more useful than others. Dating back to the late nineties, toggling is perhaps the oldest trick in the book within JavaScript development.

Hide Your E-mail Address from Spammers with mangleEmail()

by Scott Severance March 28, 2006
This is a Javascript function that transparently hides your e-mail address from spambots, provided that spambots don't execute Javascript. It doesn't impact the end user in most cases.

AdvancedAJAX 1.0

by Łukasz Lach March 24, 2006
AdvancedAJAX is a JavaScript object allowing to use XMLHttpRequest object easier and speeding up development of AJAX based projects. It consists a bound of methods helping creating queries, error handling, usage with HTML forms as well as connection timeouts and reconnecting.

Top 5 Web-Based Desktops

March 23, 2006
Web interfaces are coming close to the functionality one would expect of a full-fledged operation system.

HOWTO Make Yahoo! Web Service REST Calls with JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest

by Yahoo! Developer Network February 09, 2006
AJAX web applications are all the rage these days, and one important aspect of AJAX is a mechanism of making asynchronous connections from the back end of a web application with an object called XMLHttpRequest.

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