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JavaScript CSS Tool: Convert Margins To Padding

by Jonathan Aquino August 30, 2006
Ever wonder what the source of those mysterious gaps on your webpage is, but Web Developer Extension won't tell you because it can only inspect padding but not margins?

Lert: A multi-button alert/confirm

by Jeffrey Sambells August 21, 2006
Lert() is a quick JavaScript object I put together to replace the alert and confirm box built into JavaScript.

JavaScript Tricks And Good Programming Style

by Alexander Kirk August 10, 2006
Throughout time I added a few habbits that I consider to be good practices and increase the quality of my code

Javascript Speed Tests

by Sean Patrick Kane August 02, 2006
How does the speed of your browser compare with the speed of competing browsers?

Enumerating JavaScript Objects

by Dean Edwards July 28, 2006
Enumeration lies at the heart of DOM Scripting.

A better dollar function - getElementsByAnything

by Matthew Pennell July 27, 2006
Anyone with more than a passing interest in modern Javascript techniques is probably aware of the Prototype framework. Among other things, it includes the extremely neat $ (dollar) function.

Mouse wheel programming in JavaScript

by Adomas Paltanavičius July 25, 2006
This page is to provide you with general information about handling mouse wheel-generated events in JavaScript programming language.

JavaScript Closures for Dummies

by Morris Johns July 20, 2006
This page explains closures so that a programmer can understand them - using working JavaScript code.

Mastering Ajax, Part 5: Manipulate the DOM

by Brett McLaughlin June 05, 2006
Learn how to create, remove, and change the parts of a DOM tree, and take the next step toward updating your Web pages on the fly!

Object-Oriented JavaScript

by Tim Huegdon May 25, 2006
So without further ado, here’s how to objectify your javascript…

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