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The 4 Most Common Types of Digital Signage Content

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Aaron Levi
September 28, 2016

Aaron Levi

Aaron Levi is an expert at the designing of digital templates. He has been active in this space for the past 24 years. He has a consulting house from which he offers his services to the top 10 digital marketing firms in the US.

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There is no denying the fact that advertising is a billion dollar industry as everyone works hard to make sure that they aggressively promote their products to potential customers. Traditional advertising in the form of TV and print ads have had their run and now the industry is shifting towards a set of solutions which have an unrivalled segmenting and targeting capability with no equal. Digital advertising offers advertisers an unmatched ability to offer a message which speaks to the needs of the audience in a manner which traditional advertising forms could not have made possible.

With digital advertising, you can narrow down the demographics and the very physical location of your audience and as such narrow down your message to fit in with the needs of your audience. This powerful communication medium has thus far found widespread usage across a whole range of industries from the hospitality industry to institutions and retailers and the uptake is amazing. It is estimated that the digital signage industry will be worth a whopping USD $24 billion by 2020. To confirm the power of this medium to get the message across, just take a walk across any big city and you will be confronted with digital signage right from the airports to the hotel, stores, health clubs and movie theatres.

Multiple Use Cases

The digital displays are used in outdoor advertising, to provide directions, exhibitions and in outdoor advertising.  By far, the biggest group that is taking advantage of the full potential of this medium are retail outlets, which are using them for both indoor and outdoor advertising to great success. The nature of the medium is that it can be deployed at a cost of USD $ 300 per annum as long as you have your flat panel digital display unit.

The vendor s f digital display solutions have come up with a set of solutions which are quite unlike any other form in the past and that is due to the fact that you can customize the template to fit into your specific needs. A template is simply a pre-built design which you can deploy for your purposes within a very short period of time with the only barrier being the ability to use productivity software to edit it to your needs.  The software normally comes bundled with a template editor, which you can use to edit a whole range of templates and use them for your needs.

The following list contains the most common type of digital content, which comes bundled together with the software bundle. The following files are critical in the designing of digital templates;

  • Text –Words are a critical component of your digital advert and as such, you must make sure that you present the words that will convey your meaning to the intended audience in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The template employs a good textual editor, which you can use to change not only the content but also the font and size of your text.
  • Images – Images are also important in putting your message across to the audience and as they say an image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, most templates come bundled with stock images usually numbering in there thousands. These images are useful in giving context to your advert and as such the software allows for the easy customizations of these images to achieve the set goals.
  • Video – Video is also a form of content, which is in useful in putting your point across. This means that you can quite easily import your required video files and use them as a part of your advertising presentation.

The second thing is that you can easily videos from the internet. For instance, if you need to use a YouTube video in your advert, you can quite simply generate the appropriate code and embed it in your application and deploy it in real-time.


  • Audio – As with audio, you can use this medium too, to enliven your digital advert. This means that you can add dialogue, music and any other digital audio format to your project. The template designer and editor will allow you to make a series of changes that you deem fit but for a good product you need to invest in an external editor which you will use to edit the project to your liking. 


Minimum Technical Skills

The end game is that with the prebuilt editor, anyone with a minimum of technical skills can go ahead and produce a product that it’s well worth it salt. You can opt to combine all the above content types and produce a rich media format digital advert that contains all the necessary elements that are key to your campaign. An additional option, which is getting increased currency, is the option which uses direct streaming from the internet to power your digital advertising solution.

In this scenario you seem create a playlist and store it online, next you connect your platform to the internet and invoke the advert of your choice to loop throughout the day or you can even choose which advert runs when. To enjoy success in your digital advertising campaign there are a couple of things which you must take full care off. These include; defining the intended message and focusing on that message alone make the message concise, clear and to the point so that it is easy to retain in short term memory.

Concentrate on making the display areas and screens visible, that means that you must ensure that you place your displays strategically at locations where they will attract the most eyeballs. Content is king and this means that you must produce content that is relevant and fresh content which has value to the customers. Keep rotating the content on a regular basis altering the playlist as you go along to make sure that you keep everyone on toes.

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