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Xythos Announces Integration for Zimbra

New Zimlet designed to improve document management and security

October 29, 2007; 08:20 AM

Seattle, WA – October 23, 2007 - Xythos Software, a leading developer of basic document management software, today announced an integration for Zimbra email users and its Digital Locker and Enterprise Document Management Suites. The new Zimlet will provide users with advanced document collaboration features directly from within the Zimbra application environment.  With Xythos, Zimbra users will be able to enjoy complete access to their documents and email regardless of where they are located or what computer they are using.
Recognized as a Web 2.0 pioneer for the enterprise, Zimbra customers benefit from a rich Ajax based messaging and collaboration application.  Zimlets are a mechanism for integrating the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) with third party information systems and content as well as creating "mash-up" user interfaces within the Zimbra suite itself. Xythos’ own web services oriented technology is well suited to this type of integration and provides a complete set of features for managing email, documents and records throughout their lifecycle.

Enterprise-class web services for email and document management are popular among dispersed and mobile workforces such as academic and research institutions. “We support a diverse community of users across our campus who need to collaborate using a variety of devices,” said Bruce Maas, CIO at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. “Integrating our Xythos-based PantherFile service together with Zimbra can make that process easier and improve how we protect vital institutional content.”

Customers of Xythos and Zimbra can benefit from using the company’s applications together in a number of distinct ways. Email and document storage and management can be delivered as a service, helping organizations avoid costly desktop applications and upgrade fees. All message data and files can be stored centrally helping improve data security and protection. Messages and files can even be automatically classified using the Xythos Enterprise Document Manager to ensure the organizations meet industry or government compliance requirements.

"We're pleased to partner with Xythos to deliver educational institutions easier and more flexible means of accessing and managing their critical documents," said Scott Dietzen, CTO and President of Zimbra. "Our mutual commitment to open standards enables rapid development of new experiences and allows schools focus on what's core to their IT strategy -- facilitating richer collaboration, not writing more code."

Unlike consumer-oriented services, Xythos and Zimbra applications can be operated by customer organizations themselves. “The combination of Xythos and Zimbra technologies offers the advantage of web-enabled service delivery without the intrusion of advertisements,” said Ed Miller, CEO of Xythos. “The fact that organizations can better enforce policies and protect information while reducing their dependence on desktop applications should make this integration a compelling proposition,” he added.


About Xythos Software
Xythos Software is a leading developer of document management and collaboration software. Its online services and products are licensed to millions of users at commercial, education and government organizations around the world for managing and sharing content throughout its lifecycle. Try Xythos on Demand today at www.xythosondemand.com or visit www.xythos.com to learn more about how Xythos is making online document management safer and easier for everyone.

About Zimbra
Zimbra, a Yahoo! company, is a leading provider of collaboration software for universities, businesses and service providers. Zimbra's rich AJAX interface is available on or offline to dramatically improve the collaboration experience. Zimbra is available on-premise or on-demand through our extensive hosted partner program. More information at http://www.zimbra.com.

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