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Tubes Networks Offers Powerful New SaaS Platform for Fully Distributed Web Applications to the Desktop

Advanced Replication Engine and Tubes Networks Platform Now Available to Developers Building Next Generation Web Applications

September 26, 2007; 04:32 AM

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - DEMO -- At the DEMO conference in San Diego, Tubes Networks today announced that it has opened its internet-scale replication engine and its Tubes Networks platform to developers. This new SaaS offering allows web developers a fast and easy way to extend their applications to run locally on the desktop just as they do on the web. In addition, web developers gain access to extensible synchronization and permission capabilities critical in building robust, intelligent web-based desktop applications. Edmunds.com and Floorplanner.com today announced they have adapted key applications to run on the Tubes platform combining their formerly web-only applications with desktop control, security and availability.

"The Tubes Networks team is committed to working with developers on the leading edge of the technology envelope," said John Landry, chairman and chief technology officer of Tubes Networks. "We're pleased Edmunds and Floorplanner recognized the value of making their web-based applications available anytime, anywhere. With a proven internet-class engine and an open, easy-to-use interface leveraging existing web development tools, Tubes offers web and application developers at all levels -- from the beginner to the advanced programmer -- a new way to deliver their products. Now fully distributed web desktop applications are within reach of every developer!"

Tubes developers are able to benefit from the ease with which they can integrate with Tubes and other powerful web- and PC-based technologies, creating a fully extensible, integrated and very portable application environment. The platform features:

-- A set of open APIs to make building and extending tube applications and tubeSites fast and easy
-- An Internet-scale replication engine that pushes changes in content, code, database, schema, rules and logic to both website and clients automatically
-- A powerful permission system for roles and rights management
-- Client support for local databases, file systems and web servers
-- A hosted server/storage farm
-- A wide range of metadata extractors for better database manipulation of files

With this move, developers are able to easily implement the next generation of web-based "run anywhere" applications. Built on the newly announced Tubes service, the developer platform lets programmers of all levels build powerful applications that work both on the PC desktop and in a web browser. On top of this, Tubes applications enjoy 100 percent uptime, remaining available even when the PC is offline and automatically synchronizing data when the computer is back online. Developers will find that adapting their applications to the Tubes platform can take only a matter of hours.

The Tubes API and development platform are open for both commercial and non-profit web application development uses. The Tubes developer platform and API support .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, AIR and other web development technologies.

For more information, visit http://www.tubesnow.com/content.aspx?id=1117 and get the Developers Tube. Or contact John Guidice, director of partner enablement at 617-224-0870 ext 2012 or email: [email protected].

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Tubes is a powerful social networking tool that lets you easily view, publish and share rich media content. By combining the reach of the Web with the privacy of the desktop, Tubes allows anyone to easily and securely access and publish content -- including photos, music, video, and documents -- with anyone they want. With a simple drag and drop, users can publish rich media websites, create synchronized networks, and subscribe to rich media content. Tubes lets you share content privately, or publish it to the web. And Tubes makes it easy to subscribe to great content, and watch, listen or view it at your convenience, on your schedule. Join the Tubes community now! Just visit: www.tubesnow.com.



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