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Laszlo Systems Introduces Enhanced Version of Laszlo Webtop

Web 2.0 Desktop Offering Now Available for Open Download; Applications Bundled For Service Providers, Enterprises and Developers

September 24, 2007; 11:04 AM

SAN MATEO, Calif.--Laszlo Systems, a global leader in Rich Internet Application (RIA) software and solutions, today introduced new features and functionality to its flagship commercial offering, Laszlo Webtop, The Web 2.0 Desktop. In addition, the successful early adoption of Laszlo Webtop has led to the development of strategic bundled solutions for three target markets: service providers, enterprises and developers.

Many of the nations leading corporations, software providers, and system integrators, including Verizon, Counterpath Solutions, Enterpulse, Roundarch, and Infinite Solutions, are already realizing the benefits of licensing Laszlo Webtop for their business-critical applications. Based on early adopters feedback and real-life implementations, Laszlo Webtop has been tailored into multiple editions and price points to meet specific deployment use-cases. These include:

  • Laszlo Webtop for Service Providers: Bundled with ready-to-go Laszlo Mail and Contacts, this edition offers a brand-able and extensible solution for delivering a customized communications web portal - including the ability to integrate advertising for additional revenue opportunities. Providers can complement Webtop with modules such as news, stocks, weather, or productivity applications, including VoIP-based softphones, calendaring and real-time messaging.
  • Laszlo Webtop for Enterprises: Bundled with Contacts and optionally, Laszlo Mail, this edition enables the next-generation Web 2.0 workplace to improve the way people access content, complete transactions, and consume multimedia. Ideal for creating executive dashboards, streamlining business processes, or delivering interactive financial data.
  • Laszlo Webtop SDK for Developers: Bundled as a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) download, this is the fastest way for developers to create their own Webtop solutions and leverage the award-winning OpenLaszlo 4 development platform to extend, brand and build applications that seamlessly interoperate inside the Laszlo Webtop framework.

Laszlo Webtop will prompt a deepening of the promises of Web 2.0 and RIAs through the possibility of having multiple channels and experiences brought into a single integrated view, said Charles Fiesel, Managing Director of Roundarch, a Laszlo system integrator. Webtop creates an enhanced interactive paradigm by allowing these composite views to connect and communicate with one another.

Now in version 1.2, Laszlo Webtop provides the industrys fastest path for delivering multiple Web 2.0-based RIA applications that seamlessly interact across popular browsers and devices. Several new features have been added in todays release, including:

  • Integrated Laszlo Mail: Available as an optional application module within Laszlo Webtop, Mail delivers all the features and benefits of desktop email with carrier-grade scalability and reliability. Support for Goodmail Systems CertifiedEmail provides a premium class of authentication that protects users from phishing and other forms of email-based fraud.
  • New APIs to Speed Application Integration: Data access and paging APIs have been added to enable easy integration and increased performance when deploying OpenLaszlo applications with large datasets. Developers can also use open APIs, such as Auto-Suggest or Add Contact, to speed development of collaborative applications.
  • User-Based, Interactive Advertising Options: Aimed primarily at service providers, advertising support uniquely and intelligently targets users while theyre using Webtop applications, enabling ads to actively respond to users online activity.
  • Open Access to Download Evaluation Copy: Available at no cost for a 30-day trial period, the Laszlo Webtop download, including code and documentation, is accessible at www.laszlosystems.com/go/webtop

There is an obvious void in the online experience today: While individual applications may be delivered into a web browser, the desktop environment itself is still tied to an individual PC, said David Temkin, Laszlos Founder and CTO. Laszlo Webtop aims to expand the scope of what can be done online by going beyond rich interactivity, combining multiple RIAs into an integrated workspace that can be accessed from any browser.

Added Martin Santora, President of Fenway Group, The Laszlo Webtop framework allows us to deliver a cinematic business solution that is intuitive and rich for the end user. So many companies spend time, money and resources on obtaining good data, and now with Webtop, they have the means to project that data in a collaborative, user-friendly fashion.

For more information, pricing details, or to download the free 30-day trial version of Laszlo Webtop, visit www.laszlosystems.com.

About Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Systems is a global leader of rich Internet application (RIA) solutions. Its flagship commercial product, Laszlo Webtop, provides the industry's fastest path for delivering multiple Web 2.0-based RIA applications that seamlessly interact across popular browsers and devices. Laszlo is also the original developer of OpenLaszlo, the premier open source RIA development platform used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide. Laszlo's software and solutions have been universally adopted by corporations and service providers, ranging from the Fortune 100 to smaller-sized businesses, and extend across the consumer, enterprise, education and government industries. For more information about San Mateo, Calif.-based Laszlo Systems, visit www.laszlosystems.com.

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