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Cacidi Systems Introduces Adobe InDesign® CS3 Automation Solutions at Finngraf 2007

September 12, 2007; 03:46 AM
Following Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3 release, Cacidi Systems has shipped
new and feature rich versions of their popular automation solutions:
Cacidi Extreme Enterprise 3, Cacidi Extreme 7 and Cacidi LiveMerge 2.

Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server 3 is a fullscale, ready to deploy, web-
to-print solution utilising the Adobe InDesign Server CS3 technology. A
solution which serves as a tool to dramatically increase the business of
professional graphic companies and corporate marketing departments.

Already adopted by numerous companies all over Europe in its previous
versions, Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server 3 now takes internet based
Adobe InDesign production to an even higher level. Never has graphic
production on the internet been easier and more flexible with regards to
collaboration between professional graphic designers and general
internet users.

"Developing our solutions is always a collaboration between our existing
and potential customers wishes and requirements, mixed with our own
expertise and experiences in creating the most intuitive, flexible and
productive tools for the professional graphic production community”,
says Richard Andersen, founder, CEO and chief software architect at
Cacidi Systems, and continues: “...the need for ease of use, yet still
high quality output and production reliable solutions has never been
higher, as competition dictates time-, cost- and market optimization.
With the new CS3 compatible product line, we are once again the first
and business leading company in providing our customers all over the
world such tools to remain successful".

The Adobe InDesign Server CS3 compatible release, offers full support
for the Adobe InDesign CS3 Snippet design format, and even include a
number of brand new production methods, allowing graphic professionals
and in-house marketeers to create templates and design modules in the
most intuitive way, to finally serve their internet portal users for
collaborative production.

The state-of the-art and one of it’s kind Cacidi Dynamic Web web-portal
application included with the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server 3
solution, has in this release been optimized further to benefit all
involved users and administrators.

Louise Kümmel, Cacidi Systems head developer of web solutions, says:
"Creating a generic graphic production webportal to include with a de-
facto based graphic production solution, is a complex process. At the
same time of making sure the portal is intuitive and easy to use for our
customers, we must assure to correctly address and support all of the
groundbreaking automation features and production schemes Cacidi has
owned it’s reputation for. We are extremely thrilled with the result of
the web-portal application included in the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise
Server 3 release".

Cacidi Extreme Suite 7 is the workstation plug-in suite for Adobe
InDesign CS3, provided for high-end catalogue production with Adobe
InDesign CS3, and is even provided as a key component in the Cacidi
Extreme Enterprise 3 solution. This version release has been completely
re-written to support the flexible Adobe developed InDesign Snippet
format, a full automation specific Cacidi developed technology feature
set such as “Rubberband” dynamic module resizing, automatic frame scale
and balancing features, full JavaScript script support and much more.
Cacidi Extreme 7 even offers built-in backwards compatibility,
supporting the legacy of automated production at Cacidi Systems
existing customer sites.

Cacidi LiveMerge 2 is the perfect tool for Adobe InDesign CS3 users to
drag and drop content such as text and images from external data
sources, right into InDesign. With support for straight forward comma-,
tab- and other delimed formats, plus XML files, ODBC and MySQL
databases, the non-proprietary connection format makes Cacidi LiveMerge
2 the choice for any graphic professional or content publisher who
wishes to maintain creative freedom and at the same time optimize
production time dramatically.

All above mentioned solutions and products will be presented and
demonstrated at the Adobe and Prepress Studio booths at Finngraf 2007.



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