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Servoy Increases Lead Over Adobe's AIR With 3.5 AJAX Release, Improves Security

July 30, 2007; 03:31 AM

With most leading AJAX frameworks there are many security concerns today as they run client side. Products based on technology of Backbase and Tibco for example have this problem and the problem can only be addressed by writing the business rules twice: once for live execution in the client and once server-side for the validation. With Servoy's AJAX implementation this problem does not exist: All logic is always run server-side and the browser maintains an asynchronous connection with the server to post user events and to receive and process DOM changes, this makes it secure, faster and lighter.

Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy: "Adobe recently introduced AIR (formerly known as Apollo) as groundbreaking technology to run applications online and offline; with Servoy this has already been possible for more than 5 years. Unlike Adobe's offering, our product is not in beta but in its 5th generation, thus giving it all the benefits of a mature product. Microsoft also announced similar technology with its Silverlight offering, they essentially have the same problem as Adobe has: too little and too late."

Servoy announced the 3.5 release of its flagship product with enhanced AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) features; data broadcasting between LAN and browser, and browser- to-browser); HTTP tunneling; multiple modal/non-modal windows; as well as new table and column events today.

Unlike other AJAX frameworks that are merely flashy, client-side demos, Servoy web applications use AJAX to execute business rules on the server and then push the changes directly to the browser. Servoy's AJAX implementation allows for nearly the same level of user/application interaction as the native (Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris) Servoy Smart Client - without having to resort to a browser plug-in or needing to write any additional code.

For example, calculations are updated, elements can be modified (hidden, shown, dimmed, changed in color, etc.) on the fly. Data is broadcast to all connected clients (LAN and web) - modal and modeless dialogs are supported - the same way as they are in the native client.

For additional information on Servoy, please visit http://www.servoy.com



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