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mPower Technologies Announces New Release of mPower Integrator 7.0 - A Customizable ArcIMS and Autodesk MapGuide Web GIS Application

July 27, 2007; 05:20 AM
mPower Technologies (link: http://mpower-tech.com), the developer of mPower Integrator™, announces release 7.0 of its popular mPower Integrator GIS solution.

mPower Integrator is a geographic information portal product for intranet and Internet data distribution. A completely wizard-based GIS portal with user based distribution and rights creations. "The Integrator product allows our clients to build customized applications based on individual needs without increasing the demands on their IT staff or hiring outside resources. End users can interact with the data they are familiar with and easily create their own queries, reports, buffers, and zoom-to's, with their data," stated David Falk of mPower.

The intuitive, easy to use wizards enable mPower clients to build dynamic web GIS themselves with no need for costly outsourcing, consulting, or programming. "Using mPower Integrator, we have built 16 departmental GIS websites and have been empowered to do more with less. We encourage others to ask 'why not.' GIS can be used for numerous applications, we are looking forward to the many new ways we can use GIS in the years to come," stated mPower client Kelly Felton, LIO for Sauk County Wisconsin.

"Using mPower Integrator we were able to quickly and efficiently create many customized web GIS sites for different groups of users, all with purchasing only one product. The interface is very intuitive and does the programming and coding for you," states Todd DeBoer, the city GIS/IS coordinator for Baxter, Minnesota.

To learn more about mPower Integrator and how to share the benefits of GIS, register for a live webcast on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at http://www.mpower-tech.com/webcast

mPower customers include municipal, county, and federal governments, public utilities, and real estate developers. Anyone who is using ESRI® ArcIMS®, Autodesk MapGuide®, or MapGuide® Open Source will accomplish more with fewer resources using mPower Integrator.

About mPower Technologies:
mPower Technologies (link: http://mpower-tech.com) is a software developer, technology consultant and service organization that draws upon more than 30 years of geospatial experience. They empower their clients by eliminating costly consultation and proprietary development that many other consultants and software providers require. mPower Technologies combines technical design expertise with practical business process modeling to meet and exceed their clients' expectations.



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