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Interclue Reclaims Time for Busy Journalists, Researchers and Bloggers

July 27, 2007; 03:36 AM
Interclue Ltd has invented a new web preview tool that allows people to find what they want on the web faster and more efficiently than ever before.

According to a Google survey we are spending more time on the web than we do with any other activity apart from sleeping and walking. On average 41 days a year are spent online. With Interclue's speed-browsing preview tool, we can reclaim some of that time.

By showing quick text snippets of linked pages, such as Google search results, Interclue saves users having to download annoying images and adverts, or irrelevant large documents before determining if the link is useful.

This free browser add-on is designed for frequent internet users such as journalists, bloggers, researchers, business users and students, who need to find the information they want well before their deadline is up.

CEO, Seth Wagoner, says, "Instead of unreadable images or huge full page previews, Interclue shows the main content of a link within a discrete tooltip window when the mouse pointer is hovered over Interclue's informative icons at the end of a link. It helps people keep on track with what they are doing by reducing mouse clicks, saving tedious waits for links to download, and minimizing the open windows and tabs that clutter up their screen."

By bringing content into the context of the current page, Interclue also provides the best solution to what's affectionately called 'The Wikipedia Problem' or 'Web induced ADD', where surfers find themselves clicking off into the distance and forgetting what information they were trying to find in the first place.

Interclue gets rave reviews

Within the first day of being listed on the Mozilla directory of browser extensions, Interclue received over 2000 downloads from the tech-savvy Firefox community, keen for products that help make their internet usage faster and more productive. The software is receiving rave reviews from a number of influential tech bloggers online:

Richard MacManus of popular technology blog ReadWriteWeb.com, writes, "… I'm definitely impressed with the implementation of web previews in Interclue."

The Google Operating System blog at googlesystem.blogspot.com says "Interclue shows a preview of the page that includes most of the actual content, a thumbnail, information about the last update, the number of words, links, images, a tag cloud with the most popular del.icio.us tags. But the most impressive thing is that all this data loads almost instantly and it's actually useful, especially when you want to judge the quality of a search result. When the link points to a file (for example, a PDF), Interclue shows its file size and the last modified date, as reported by the web server. This is useful if you don't have a fast Internet connection and you don't want to wait for an hour to download Adam Bosworth's speech about health."

Ryan Wagner, the Firefox and Freeware Guru at tech.cybernetnews.com summarises his extensive review of Interclue by saying: "Interclue takes your Firefox experience to a new level with its fast retrieval of pertinent information. Having used this for the last day has almost made me wonder how you can use Firefox without it, but I have a feeling that the only people not using it are the ones who don't know about it."

Siri from killerstartups.com, wrote "Interclue packs a lot of useful information in its previews without being obtrusive. It's nicely executed and is especially practical for news sites. Makes browsing more efficient overall."

To download your free Firefox version of Interclue, go to http://interclue.com - you can also sign up to be notified when Interclue for Internet Explorer 7 and other planned versions are released.

About Interclue

Interclue Ltd is a privately backed New Zealand start up company housed in the Canterbury Innovation Incubator in Christchurch. Its first product, Interclue for Firefox, provides convenient automatic content previews in a tooltip window next to any web link. This new Web 2.0 browser add-on is expected to fast become a 'must have' for journalists, bloggers, and other heavy web users. The company plans to extend the free version of Interclue to a subscriber based service offering more features and faster results, as well as release versions of Interclue for other popular browsers such as IE7, Safari and Opera.

Interclue is receiving raves reviews from some of the web's top tech bloggers; check out http://interclue.com/buzz.html to see what they are saying.



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