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Curl Rich Internet Application Platform Adds Macintosh Support with Public Beta of Curl Run Time Environment

May 30, 2007; 04:10 AM
-Curl®, Inc. today announced the availability of the public beta version of the Curl Run Time Environment (RTE) for Macintosh. The Curl RTE, a key component of the Curl Rich Internet Application (RIA) Platform, is the engine that executes Curl applications and displays their user interfaces. The Mac Beta release of the RTE is intended for customers looking to run their Curl Windows and Linux-developed applications on the Macintosh. The Mac Beta RTE can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.curl.com/download/index.php.

The Curl RTE is part of the Curl RIA platform that allows developers to implement a new class of enterprise-grade, complex Web-based applications that cannot easily be developed with other RIA technologies. Additionally, corporations with legacy client-server applications can move to Web-based delivery, increasing reach and reducing cost. In addition to the RTE, the Curl platform consists of two other main components: the Curl Language, a full-featured, object-oriented programming language that integrates rich text formatting, GUI layout and presentation scripting; and the Curl Integrated Development Environment, which includes tools for developing and debugging Curl applications and a Visual Layout Editor and numerous code examples to get users started quickly.

The Mac Beta RTE obeys standard Macintosh user interface conventions and supports the full range of features that are supported by the Curl Windows and Linux RTE products. This includes:

  • Full multimedia support Includes 2D and 3D graphics libraries, scripting of event-based interactions, support for dynamic animations and audio data.
  • High security Offers flexible and reliable privilege-based security features.
  • Unmatched connectivity Supports all standard networking protocols and server-side architectures and protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, XML, cookies, TCP/IP, SOAP, Unicode, PHP, J2EE and .Net.
  • Just-in-time compiler Compiles Curl content language applications into native code that executes with the full performance of the client machine.
  • Declarative and elastic graphical layouts Layouts can be described declaratively, as in HTML. Layouts also adapt elastically to the size of the window in which they are displayed, so users can size browser windows as they prefer.
  • Integrated controls, dialogs and layout objects Provides all the capabilities of HTML controls and HTML forms.
  • Fully internationalized GUI system Includes support for text entry and display using Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

With the return of the Mac to the enterprise, we realized the need to provide that growing community with the same ability to execute Curl applications that Windows and Linux users already enjoy, said Bert Halstead, vice president and chief architect, Curl. Now, Mac users can benefit from the advantages found only in Curl-based Web applications, including highly complex user interfaces, large data sets, on-line and off-line usage, high performance and security.

The Curl RTE can run on Power PC and Intel Macintoshes with operating systems of OS 10.3 and later. The Beta version can execute applications developed for the most recent version of the Curl RIA platform, Version 5.0, launched at the Web 2.0 Expo in April 2007.

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About Curl, Inc.

Curl provides a Rich Internet Application platform for building and deploying Web-based applications that demand complex, highly interactive interfaces previously only possible as client-server applications. Using Curl, developers can implement a new class of complex, business-critical, Web-based applications that cannot easily be developed with Ajax or other smart client technologies. Curl allows corporations with legacy client-server applications to move to Web-based delivery, increasing reach and reducing cost. Founded in 1998, Curl is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumisho Computer Systems. Curl has over 300 customers and 40 partners world-wide. For more information visit www.curl.com.



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