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Phanfare Offers Six Months Free Service and Unlimited Storage to All Yahoo! Photos Customers Whose Pictures Will Be Deleted

May 23, 2007; 06:24 AM
Online video and photo sharing service Phanfare (www.phanfare.com) today announces a special offer for current customers of Yahoo! Photos. Yahoo! Photos recently informed their customers that their photos stored at Yahoo! Photos will be deleted at the end of the summer. In response, Phanfare is offering Yahoo! Photos customers the opportunity to move and save their photos from Yahoo! Photos to their own Phanfare Web sites known for family-friendly, private, secure, advertising-free albums. As an added bonus, current Yahoo! Photos customers will get six months free service when they move their photos to Phanfare*.

Unlike most other photo and video sharing services, Phanfare allows its customers to access and download all of their full-size originals at any time, for no additional cost. Like all Phanfare customers, those customers who move photos from Yahoo! Photos get unlimited storage for all of their videos and photos.

Those Yahoo! Photos customers wanting to move to Phanfare can do so immediately by simply following the easy instructions listed here: http://www.phanfare.com/yahoo. For those customers that require assistance moving their photos, they can contact Phanfare customer support by email at [email protected] or by a toll-free phone call to 800-699-9354.

Yahoo! Photos provided a great way for customers to share photos and the personal memories they represent in a private environment, said Andrew Erlichson, Phanfares CEO. The photo-printing sites that Yahoo! Photos has highlighted as alternatives to their service offer excellent printing services but they are not focused on the sharing needs of families. For those customers whose primary goal is to share their treasured photos and videos in a secure and private environment with no ads or storage limits, a Phanfare online album is the better choice.

* Note: Six months free service is for existing Yahoo! Photos customers only and is only for new Phanfare accounts. See Phanfare Web site for details.

About Phanfare

New Jersey-based Phanfare, Inc. provides the fastest, easiest way to share and protect all your videos and photos. For life. Phanfares subscription-based online video and photo sharing service provides customers with private, permanent, polished, advertising-free online albums. Phanfare offers consumers personalized web galleries with unlimited storage and flexible security controls. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, patent-pending software simplifies the time and effort required by customers to create, share and maintain their albums. Phanfare also offers MyPhanfare a web-based AJAX client that allows customers to use Phanfares sophisticated workflow solution to manage videos and photos right on the web from any online computer anywhere in the world. Phanfare was founded in 2004 by CEO Andrew Erlichson and CTO Mark Heinrich.

Phanfare is available for $54.95 per year, $6.95 per month or $299.95 for a lifetime membership and is PC and Mac compatible. A 30-day free trial is available via download for both Mac and PC. The Phanfare service is free to nonprofits, schools, and religious groups. For more information visit www.phanfare.com.

Mac is a trademark of Apple.

Yahoo! Photos is a trademark of Yahoo. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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