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Optaros Assembles Room 2.0 for Swisscom Hospitality Services Reinventing the Hotel Guest Experience

April 26, 2007; 06:47 AM
Optaros Inc., an assembler of Next Generation Internet (NGI) applications, helped Swisscom Hospitality Services to implement and launch Room 2.0(TM),the first Internet service responding to the needs of business travelers at their hotel room through a tailored set of web 2.0-based information and communication services. The solution was implemented in an aggressive time frame leveraging a large range of internet based services and open source components.

Room 2.0TM features a landing page and portal a hotel guest automatically accesses when hooking up to the hotel network. From there, he can easily navigate a range of customized services, which are available on top of unlimited data downloads and priority bandwidth. The “Stay in touch” service module allows guests to make unlimited long-distance phone calls, while the “Explore” service module features location-based information about points of interest in the hotel’s surroundings. To help guests fully “Enjoy” their stay, Room 2.0TM enables them to download their home newspaper (more than 350 publications available) and to listen to one of their preferred radio stations (among a choice of 8,000). Finally, the “Streamline your Journey” service module brings real-time flight information to the fingertips of the traveler. All services are available through an advertising-free web interface and included in the premium package.

Optaros assembled Swisscom Hospitality Services (SHS) Room 2.0TM dramatically faster and in a more flexible way than any other known approach. OptAM (Optaros Assembly Method) is enabling companies to bring unique, customer-facing internet solutions to the market and respond flexibly to the constantly increasing customer needs and possibilities of the World Wide Web.

“Optaros quickly and efficiently assembled a complete, customer-centric solution from a large number of separate services and components into a highly reliable, scalable application. Our customers will love the seamless user experience.” said SHS CEO Christian Petit. “With the flexibility of the Optaros Assembly Methodology (OptAM) we plan to continually enhance and add more advanced functionality based on the collective intelligence of our customer base.”

The Room 2.0TM integrated assembly is based fully on open source technologies supporting a continuous integration process. AJAX is extensively used at the front-end ensuring a highly interactive user interface. By jointly optimizing the user experience and technical architecture, Optaros has created a seamless interface for Room 2.0TM users.

“Room 2.0TM is a prime example of why Assembly is the best approach to deliver and evolve Web 2.0 solutions,” said Frederic Weill, managing director of Europe for Optaros. “Optaros and Swisscom are working together to create a fully realized online service offering for thousands of world travelers.”

About Optaros

Optaros assembles fully supported, unique Next Generation Internet (NGI) solutions faster and more flexibly than traditional build, buy or rent options. We are the first company to deliver on the ultimate promise of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) – differentiated software solutions with swappable core components. We deliver on that promise with our Optaros Assembly Methodology (OptAM) that assembles user-centric applications leveraging open source components and our global collaborative development. We work hard to deliver what we say to our growing list of more than 70 clients in the US and Europe. Our clients determine our success and 98% of them will return your phone call and tell you how we are assembling their future. For more about Optaros, go to www.optaros.com.

About Swisscom Hospitality Services

Swisscom operates a broadband Internet access network in its partner hotels across Europe and North America under its hospitality-focused subsidiary Hospitality Services Plus S.A., spanning more than 2.300 active properties and encompassing 200.000 hotel rooms. Additionally, the company supports close to 10’000 events annually on a global basis. This makes Swisscom a leading provider of broadband Internet-based services to the hospitality industry: Swisscom services are available in well-known hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Marriot, and NH. http://www.swisscom.com/hospitality/index.php/internet/en



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