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Where2GetIt, Inc. Accepts the 2007 Oracle Spatial Innovator Award at the Recent Oracle Spatial Users Conference in San Antonio, TX

March 26, 2007; 03:35 AM
Where2GetIt, Inc. is proud to announce that during last weeks Oracle Spatial Users Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Jon Scarbrough accepted the 2007 Oracle Spatial Innovator Award on behalf of the entire Where2GetIt team. By adopting Oracle Spatial, Where2GetIt upgraded its legacy spatial platform gaining increased geocoding and driving directions accuracy while increasing our volume capacity by multiples.

The combined Oracle/Navteq solution is used to support geocoding, reverse geocoding, proximity search and driving directions. The Oracle/Navteq spatial platform has allowed Where2GetIt to enhance proximity searches by including searching locations by drive time and drive distance. The technology installation, setup, configuration and the W2GI APIs were also demonstrated by Jon during the Slippymap and Oracle Spatial Integration session.

The SlippyMap API was released by Where2GetIt for marketers and developers who want a best of breed mapping application that is also easy to implement. Like other geospatial providers, Where2GetIt utilizes the latest in AJAX technology to create highly interactive online mapping applications. But it differs from others through SlippyMap's unique use of "unobtrusive Javascript." Unlike the APIs of Yahoo, Google and MapQuest which rely on the more complicated and highly visible JavaScript coding, Where2GetIt's functionality allows customers to create geospatial applications with simple HTML and cascading style sheets (CSS).

For developers of geospatial applications, Where2GetIt also released its REST API, making the development of non-mapping geospatial applications easier than ever before. Developers can now tap into our REST API for any non-mapping geospatial application, including but not limited to wireless navigation, interactive voice response (IVR), fleet management solutions, business analytics, site selection and global positioning system (GPS) tracking applications.

For more information, please visit www.Where2GetIt.com for documentation and demo's of the SlippyMap and REST API's.

Founded in 1997, Where2GetIt provides location-based services, empowering companies to instantly connect customers with businesses offering a specific product or service. Where2GetIt's Web and phone-based locator applications are proven tools for increasing traffic to local businesses and channel partner locations.



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