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LiveOffice to Offer Secure Computing's Messaging Security as a Hosted Security Service

February 27, 2007; 03:17 AM
LiveOffice Corporation, the leading provider of managed messaging security, archiving and compliance solutions, and Secure Computing Corporation , a global leader in enterprise gateway security today announced an agreement to offer Secure Computing's award-winning IronMail(R) solution as a hosted service through LiveOffice's Managed Messaging Services platform. This significantly expands access to Secure Computing's enterprise-class messaging gateway security solution, making it available to companies that do not have the resources to manage messaging security on-site.

"Faced with the growing onslaught of email spam and related security issues, companies large and small are looking for the best security protection available in the market," said Jay Chaudhry, vice chairman and chief strategy officer of Secure Computing. "With our partnership with LiveOffice, we are happy to be offering our enterprise class messaging security products to a broader cross-section of companies that typically would not consider a solution of our caliber. LiveOffice provides them the convenience of hosting the service as well as expertise in managing the solution."

According to Secure Computing and the email traffic seen by TrustedSource.org, spam volume was as high as 90% of all email in December 2006. With businesses of all sizes receiving a constant barrage of potentially harmful inbound messaging threats, integrating Secure Computing IronMail within LiveOffice's unified messaging environment provides companies with:

  *  A powerful and cost effective method for controlling the daily influx
     of unwanted email messages
  *  Rapid setup and deployment (often in under a week) with expertise from
  *  Enterprise-class protection against messaging threats with no upfront
     investment in hardware, software or maintenance
  *  Ongoing, U.S.-based customer support
  *  Enterprise-class network reliability and security via LiveOffice's
     multi-million dollar data center infrastructure

For no additional cost, service subscribers also receive access to LiveOffice's proprietary Client Dashboard, a password-protected, web-based portal that helps businesses manage their own spam and virus filters. The interface also provides instant access to LiveOffice's Threat Management Dashboard, where messaging threat levels can be monitored and the appropriate action determined. The portal's flexibility means that organizations can tailor the Client Dashboard to meet the specific needs of their corporate structure and enjoy the following benefits:

  *  Up-to-date information on email activity and potential threats
  *  Real-time (Ajax-based) usage graphs showing email volumes and patterns
     that can be used to customize spam and virus filters
  *  Information on intercepted messaging threats by day, week, month and
  *  Statistics that indicate email usage by individuals or according to
     domain name
  *  Automated options for whitelisting and blacklisting

"This partnership creates many exciting opportunities for LiveOffice and Secure Computing," said Matt Smith, president of LiveOffice. "Coupling Secure Computing's technology and products with our hosting, management, and archiving capabilities gives users in all industries a comprehensive messaging security solution that is convenient to manage."

The companies intend to launch the offering and announce pricing by April 1, 2007.

About Secure Computing:

Secure Computing (NASDAQ: SCUR) , a leading provider of enterprise gateway security, delivers a comprehensive set of solutions that help customers protect their critical Web, email and network assets. Over half the Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 are part of our more than 19,000 global customers in 106 countries, supported by a worldwide network of more than 1,900 partners. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and has offices worldwide. For more information, see http://www.securecomputing.com/.

About LiveOffice:

LiveOffice Managed Messaging Services is a leading provider of message archiving, anti-spam/anti-virus, and compliance solutions for businesses. The service ensures the integrity of emails and instant messages, simplifies the discovery process, and helps companies protect themselves against the risk and expense of lost or misplaced electronic messages. It also helps organizations comply with statutory, regulatory, legal and industry-specific mandates. Founded in 1998, the company serves several Fortune 500 companies, processes and protects millions of messages each day, and has a customer retention rate of over 98%. For more information, contact 1.800.251.3863 or visit http://www.liveoffice.com/.



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