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Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company Selects Stampede Technologies for Acceleration

January 17, 2007; 03:57 AM
Stampede® Technologies, Inc. (www.stampede.com), a leading provider of acceleration solutions for Web-enabled Enterprise Applications, today announced that Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company® has selected the Stampede Application Acceleration Series™ to improve application response times and reduce bandwidth utilization to its remote store locations. Piggly Wiggly plans to install a Stampede acceleration appliance, and deploy client software to 30 of its remote store locations; with hopes to deploy the solution to all 115 of its stores in the future.

The Stampede Application Acceleration Series is a family of solutions for accelerating and optimizing the performance of complex HTTP, SSL, AJAX and XML applications. Hardware appliances coupled with visionary client software provide performance and optimization that can only be achieved through bi-directional compression, caching differencing, SSL Client-side Termination, and TurboStreaming™; Stampede’s patent-pending technology for optimizing the delivery of highly encrypted or already compressed data objects. In addition, Stampede’s Acceleration On-Demand client technology is the first client technology to be automatically injected into the responses sent to the end user, without the need to install software at the client.

“Stampede has been very successful improving the performance of applications for retailers with large numbers of remote locations,” said Gordon Dorworth, Stampede Technologies’ President and CEO. “We look forward to having Piggly Wiggly as a valued customer, and working with them as they implement and roll out the Stampede Application Acceleration Series.”

“We would like to deploy several new web-based applications to our stores to improve customer loyalty and operations,” said Rachel Bolt, Director of IS, Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company. “The Stampede solution will allow us to deploy these applications to all stores, including stores where it is not cost effective to upgrade our bandwidth.”

About Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company, Inc. is a Charleston, S.C. based supermarket company founded in 1947. Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company today is the largest employee-owned, privately operated retail company in South Carolina. The Company has more than 115 stores and over 5,000 employee owners throughout South Carolina and the southeastern regions of Georgia and North Carolina. Visit http://www.thepig.net for more information.

About Stampede Technologies, Inc.

Stampede Technologies is a pioneering innovator of Internet acceleration systems and enterprise network performance solutions. The new Stampede Application Acceleration Series™ combines Stampede’s decade of experience in accelerating network-intrusive IP-based applications with Stampede’s unique Acceleration On-Demand™ optimization injection technology and the ground-breaking Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series to dramatically elevate our customers’ online productivity and enhance how they use the Internet to communicate and interact with their employees, partners and customers. When your enterprise applications are operating at top speed, maximum performance and total business value, it’s a Stampede! For more information on Stampede Technologies, visit http://www.stampede.com.



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