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Rogue Wave Software Announces Partnership Agreements to Extend Sales of Rogue Wave Hydra Suite

January 3, 2007; 02:49 AM
Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq:QVDX) providing enterprise-class software components and services that facilitate, high-performance application development, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with CIBER, Inc., a leading international systems integration consultancy with more than 2000 private and government sector clients. This partnership grants CIBER the ability to provide integration and implementation services for Rogue Wave® Hydra including support, consulting and training. This marks the seventh partnership agreement completed to extend the sale of Rogue Wave Software’s high performance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework, Rogue Wave Hydra, and related components.

Rogue Wave Hydra empowers IT architects and professional developers to achieve order-of-magnitude performance and throughput improvements for critical software applications. Rogue Wave Hydra is based on Rogue Wave Software’s pioneering “Software Pipelines” technology and associated methodology, which focuses on achieving efficiency and scalability through concurrent computing and parallel processing. Software Pipelines allow for efficient execution and distribution of software components or services for concurrent processing on available resources. This peer-to-peer architecture minimizes bottlenecks and allows businesses to achieve new levels of throughput and performance.

Rogue Wave Hydra also supports the Service Component Architecture or SCA specification and is the first high-performance SOA development framework that complements key concepts of the SCA architecture, including cross-platform components, tightly-and loosely-coupled service components, Web service standards, BPEL and Service Data Objects (SDO). Future releases of Rogue Wave Hydra will add further support for SCA application programming interfaces, or APIs, and will be compatible with future products from other vendors, while providing specialized capabilities for high-performance application requirements.

“With the accelerating adoption of SOA technology, more and more enterprise companies are challenged to find cost-effective ways to scale applications to handle increasing volumes of users and transactions,” said Tom Gaunt, senior vice president, alliance and sales, Rogue Wave Software division, Quovadx. “The Rogue Wave® Hydra Suite, with its unique Software Pipelines technology, supports cost-effective, high-performance deployments by enabling concurrent processing of business services within and across servers, while preserving critical business rules. We’re pleased to extend the availability of this solution to our key business partners and their customers.”

CIBER joins a growing list of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) offering Rogue Wave Hydra and related components. Partnership agreements were signed in 2006 with the following companies.

  • JackBe Corporation. JackBe is the premier provider of Rich Enterprise Application (REA) solutions that integrate SOA and Ajax. Under terms of the partnership agreement, JackBe can now embed key components of the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite into its Presto REA platform, currently in beta testing. The agreement also allows Rogue Wave Software to resell JackBe solutions as a complement to Rogue Wave Hydra.
  • SafeMed, Inc. SafeMed delivers lifesaving answers in seconds by providing the most comprehensive clinical decision support platform in healthcare today. SafeMed is powered by a high-performance analytical engine that for the first time reasons across a patient's electronic health record to compare and evaluate all potential treatments at once, delivering answers both physicians and patients can easily understand, within seconds. Created by physicians, SafeMed empowers both consumers and doctors to find the most appropriate, most affordable, and safest medical therapies instantly and effortlessly. SafeMed is embedding the Rogue Wave® HydraAgent, the core component of the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite, into its nDPharmaTM product suite.
  • Solutions IQ. SolutionsIQ provides a full range of IT services from systems integration, development and testing, to consulting, project delivery, post-production support, staffing and best practices training. The Rogue Wave Software partner agreement grants them access to all Rogue Wave Hydra products, support, consulting and training.
  • Tier1 Innovation LLC. Tier1 Innovation, LLC is a leading provider of eBusiness, Enterprise Integration (EI) and Customer Relationship Management consulting and implementation services, and a recognized leader in the deployment of EI solutions using a SOA approach. The Rogue Wave Software partner agreement grants them access to all Rogue Wave Hydra products, support, consulting and training.
  • Trinity Systems. Trinity Systems provides payment solutions for financial institutions. Trinity will distribute Rogue Wave HydraAgent to an existing customer, with options to expand the agreement to additional customers as well.
  • Verimatrix, Inc. Verimatrix is a leading provider of software-based content security and revenue enhancement technologies in pay-TV networks. They plan to license Rogue Wave® HydraAgent Express for distribution as part of their Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™), a solution that addresses the growing need for improved security for Internet video applications.

About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq:QVDX), provides reusable, enterprise-class software components and services to professional developers for high-performance application development. Today, thousands of developers at some of the world's leading companies have used Rogue Wave® products to develop mission-critical applications. Rogue Wave Software operates throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit http://www.roguewave.com.

Rogue Wave is a registered trademark of Quovadx, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.



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