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Minnick Web Services Launches eProofer 1.0 to Improve Online Proofreading

July 24, 2006; 03:27 AM
Minnick Web Services introduced eProofer 1.0 this month for use by its ePublishing clients, including CMP Media and SourceMedia.

The design of eProofer was inspired by the simplicity of the popular Basecamp project collaboration tool. To use eProofer, authorized users simply view the digital publication as they normally would. A dynamic form that employs AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology is provided on each page. The form can be used to make notes, specify required edits, or ask questions. Everyone else on the team sees these notes when they browse the publication. When items are completed or questions are answered, users simply check them off and the comments move to the 'Completed' list.

"Everyone knows that ePublishing gives you the power to easily make changes to a published piece. The problem has always been with communicating the changes to your production staff," says Chris Minnick, the founder and CEO of Minnick Web Services. "Red pens just don't work online. Switching between your Web browser and your email program and typing up a list of changes is tedious and prone to miscommunication or duplication of effort."

The current version of eProofer is available for use exclusively with the Minnizine format. According to Minnick, versions of eProofer will eventually be released for other digital publishing formats as well as for ordinary Web pages.

To try a demo of eProofer, visit http://demo.ebookhost.com.




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