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Stampede Technologies Announces Industry's First End-to-End Acceleration Solution for SOA and Ajax Applications

As new application paradigms emerge for enterprise applications implementing Ajax, SOA and XML, acceleration technologies must provide a full range of functionality

April 26, 2006; 02:17 AM

Stampede(R) Technologies Inc. (www.stampede.com), a leading provider of enterprise acceleration solutions, announced the release of the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series(TM), a family of acceleration solutions specifically designed for the new wave of enterprise applications that are implemented using Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series builds on the success of previous Stampede solutions, and adds functionality that includes Extensible Markup Language (XML) acceleration, Web Application Firewalling, XML Threat Management and transparent client support for applications developed using the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) Web Application Model.

Stampede offers a unique approach for application acceleration through the combination of a hardware appliance and client software. This twist on the traditional Application Delivery Controller (ADC) model allows Stampede to go beyond the limited functionality of single-sided ADCs to offer expanded value that enterprises demand. With a two-sided approach, Stampede provides not only acceleration for the delivery of Web pages like ADCs, but also offers the benefits typically only available with more expensive hardware oriented WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs).

"The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series provides functionality and business value that is only available with a two-sided hardware/software solution," said Gordon Dorworth, Stampede Technologies' president and CEO. This new family of solutions positions Stampede as the first acceleration solution to embrace the technologies inherent in the new wave of application development, and provides a means for accelerating those applications.

"As these new technologies are used for developing SOA applications, even greater pressure is put on the network, and overall performance tends to suffer," according to Dorworth. "Asynchronous and polling message paradigms are constantly opening and closing TCP sessions, and large amounts of XML data and cookies will bloat the network bandwidth. In addition, network latency concerns are an even bigger issue for interactive, rich client applications, and these networks become even more vulnerable to attack."

The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series solves these problems. Stampede's unique client software, working in conjunction with the network appliance, is specifically designed to mitigate the unfriendly network impact that Ajax applications can create. In this environment, Stampede's Client Services provide:

-- XML Document Differencing

-- Only the changes in the XML document are actually transmitted over the network

-- Bi-directional Compression

-- All data, XML and cookies are significantly reduced in size on every request

-- HTTP and TCP Management

-- Connection aggregation and header compression is provided

-- Large Document Streaming via TurboStreaming(TM)

-- The ability to transmit large compressed and encrypted objects up to 5x faster

-- SSL Client-side Termination

-- The ability to accelerate even SSL transactions through Stampede's patent-pending SSL technology

In addition to new client functionality, the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series appliance introduces new SOA Optimization Services for accelerating XML schema validation and content routing. The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series is offered in two configurations; software acceleration for environments that only require limited XML capability, or hardware acceleration for high-end XML implementations with intense processing requirements. Each configuration can be complemented with additional appliances for high availability or workload sharing.

When the hardware option is selected, the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series takes advantage of the latest advances in silicon content processing technologies from Tarari to provide:

-- Full XML Content Inspection

-- Uses parallel hardware to do semantic threat analysis on the full message

-- XML Well-formedness Checking

-- Protects the host environment against non-malicious message corruption

-- Robust XDoS Attack Detection

-- Provides detection of XML-specific parser attacks

-- Message Anomaly Detection

-- Adjustable tolerance levels for recognition of message traffic patterns and identification of packet anomalies

The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series appliances are built on industry-standard hardware and software platforms, utilizing the full power of Linux and 64-bit hardware. The client software leverages the full Win32 environment, is easy to install and deploy and optimizes XML, Ajax, HTTP, HTTPS, Winsock and .NET environments; introducing significant financial savings, while at the same time increasing performance, response times and scalability of enterprise servers.


The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series will be available Aug. 1 as a full solution pre-installed on a certified hardware platform. Pricing for an entry-level configuration with software supported SOA Optimization Services acceleration starts at $40,000 for a single appliance. Appliances with hardware assisted acceleration start at $50,000. Additional appliances and client licenses are extra.

Stampede will be exhibiting the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series at Interop 2006 in Las Vegas, April 30 - May 5, 2006, at booth #459. In addition to exhibiting, Tom Yohe, Stampede's vice president of engineering, will be participating in a panel discussion on Improving Remote User and Branch Office Performance at Interop 2006 on May 3, at 10:15 a.m.

About Stampede Technologies Inc.

Stampede Technologies is a pioneering innovator of Internet acceleration systems and enterprise network performance solutions. The new Stampede Application Acceleration Series(TM) combines Stampede's decade of experience in accelerating network-intrusive IP-based applications with Stampede's unique Acceleration On-Demand(TM) optimization injection technology and the ground-breaking Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series to dramatically elevate our customers' online productivity and enhance how they use the Internet to communicate and interact with their employees, partners and customers. When your enterprise applications are operating at top speed, maximum performance and total business value, it's a Stampede! For more information on Stampede Technologies, visit http://www.stampede.com.

Stampede is a registered trademark and Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series, Stampede Application Acceleration Series and Acceleration On-Demand are trademarks of Stampede Technologies Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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