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Citizen Journalism Site, iTalkNews, Launches New Web 2.0 Features

April 21, 2006; 02:44 AM
iTalkNews.com; a citizen journalism site, is launching version 2.0. iTalkNews 2.0 has some distinctively web 2.0 features on its website allowing for higher user interactivity.

iTalkNews 2.0 allows members to decide which stories will go on the front page; members can also edit others' stories as well as add related stories. Stories and comments can be rated using the AJAX rating system. Members can track their friends' stories as well as replies to their post or comments. Users cannot only find stories quickly and efficiently due to the tagging system, but can also find users nearby thanks to iTalkZone.

iTalkNews plans to add a donation system and Google Ad Sense for the writers in the future. This will allow members of iTalkNews to gain profit from what they write.

iTalkNews is following in the footsteps of other web 2.0 sites such as Digg and OhMyNews; Japanese Softbank funded the latter last month for $11 million. A Seattle based news site, Newsvine, launched officially last month, with great results.

For additional information on iTalkNews visit: www.iTalkNews.com



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