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Air Travel Center Deploys AJAX for Airlines and Special Fares Search

April 20, 2006; 02:16 AM
Air Travel Center (airtravelcenter.com), a research and shopping facility for travelers across the globe, now uses AJAX, asynchronous javascript and xml, to enhance the utility of their air carrier and special fares listings. The air carrier database endeavors to include the identifier codes, country and contact information for all passenger and cargo airlines, airplane charter and helicopter services in the world. The special fares database incorporates current air fare discounts being offered by airlines and agencies across the globe. Would a person want to, they could circle the earth and pay nothing but discounted fares for the airline tickets. Free access to the airline and special fares databases are extended to people using handheld wireless devices as well as those using a personal computer.

Since both databases are built using XML, the application of asynchronous javascript makes it possible to sort or search either one in any way the user wants to for their own convenience or need. Results can be resorted, sifted, and searched again without going from page to page. A person might want to see a list of all air carriers based in a particular country or just get the web address or telephone number of a particular airline. AJAX makes it possible to do both and quickly. A person might want to learn if a cheap airline ticket is available to a particular destination or scan all the prices for departures from their local airport or see the current offers of a specific airline or consolidator. AJAX allows all that and more.

The Air Travel Center invites all air carriers to check their listing, request updates, and add new listings. Whether passenger or cargo or airplane or helicopter, by schedule or charter, if your air service is not listed or you want make changes, please send your data or request to e-mail protected from spam bots for immediate addition or update. Include your IATA ICAO Country identifier codes, Company Name, URL, and Telephone Number for international calls.

If your air carrier, airline consolidator, travel agency or broker company wants to make regular postings to the special airfares wire, please email your proposal to e-mail protected from spam bots for consideration. While commercial support for the airfare wire comes from listed vendors, public service is given first because all of the prices are given in the description so that click through is not required unless a reader wants to purchase tickets.

To go directly to the air carrier listings, visit:
To go directly to the special fares blog, visit:

The Air Travel Center is published by a global network of airline consolidators providing a free air travel facility for research and planning, shopping and purchasing cheap airline tickets from any country, plus free tools and online services for travelers everywhere. Beyond the Special Airfares and Air Carriers databases are many online services of special value to air travelers and all are free. Instant and private messaging, email accounts, websites, forums, chat rooms, travel research and advice, global flight tracking, travel tips, and airfare shopping guidance are all provided at no cost, with no obligation. The Center was launched on 22 Nov 1998 to empower and inform the individual traveler. Commercial support and service has grown to incorporate more than 100 sales or marketing alliances with airlines, consolidators, and brokers in 37 countries. Privately held airfare databases containing more than 180 million discount prices can be accessed by any person, business, or government at any time from any location using Internet booking engines.

The Air Travel Center is a privately held interest of Rosemarie Metz-Brungard who is somewhat related to the spokesperson, Steve Brungard. The business name was registered with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau in 1998 and the website was put online on 22 Nov of that year. The stated business plan is a one liner: "provide a free air travel facility and juxtapose buying opportunities." The mission is a little more complex because the air travel industry is among the most complex and fragmentary industries on earth. Nonetheless, with online services, tips, tools, guidance, and content, the Center empowers any person or business on that earth to take their own advantage.

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