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DHI Technologies Announces Its JS-Sorcerer(TM) JavaScript Development Tool Now Supports IBM Rational for WebSphere and Eclipse 3.0.1 Environments

March 22, 2006; 05:02 AM
RENTON, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March, 2006--DHI Technologies, Inc., today announced that its JS-Sorcerer(TM) 2006 software product, a JavaScript development tool, has extended its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) support to include IBM Rational for WebSphere and Eclipse 3.0.1.

Powered by the Eclipse Open Source Platform, IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM Rational Web Developer for WebSphere Software platforms provide integrated development environments for building enterprise applications. Since this platform is written in Java with extensible plugin architecture, Java developers can easily integrate JS-Sorcerer into these IDEs and build JavaScript applications from a single environment.

"The advantage of supporting these flexible, extensible IDEs is to allow our enterprise customers to adapt and extend their development environments to match their needs and increase productivity," comments Roger Franklin, CEO of DHI Technologies. "JavaScript developers and AJAX Toolkit Vendors can now have the best of both Java and web technologies by using JS-Sorcerer in these environments."

Released on February 28, 2006, JS-Sorcerer previously offered support solely for Eclipse 3.1 and above. JS-Sorcerer is a JavaScript development tool that allows programmers to build correct, interactive, and cross-browser compatible websites and web applications. JS-Sorcerer performs syntax checking and type and flow analysis on standalone JavaScript files, and provides type-safe linking for applications and projects that consist of multiple JavaScript files. Errors are detected and reported at compile time, eliminating the need to invoke a browser simply to catch syntax and typographical errors. JS-Sorcerer enables developers to write cross-browser code by making use of a standard interface to ECMAScript, W3C DOM, and the XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) object. This unified interface eliminates the need to write disparate, browser-specific objects, thus shortening the development cycle.

Availability and Pricing

JS-Sorcerer 2006 is now available for purchase and download on the DHI website at http://www.dhitechnologies.com/products Licenses are sold for $199.00 and include access to a support forum and product updates for six months. A 30-day free evaluation is available.

About DHI Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2003, DHI Technologies' mission is to empower companies to create reliable and interactive websites. DHI builds development tools that allow web application developers to concentrate on the essential tasks of creating interactive websites, by eliminating the need for specific JavaScript code for each browser type and version. DHI's innovative tools will assist developers in analyzing JavaScript code for correctness and creating code guaranteed to run in cross-browser environments. DHI Technologies, Inc. 1400 Talbot Road South, Suite 205, Renton, WA 98055 http://www.dhitechnologies.com

DHI and JS-Sorcerer(TM)are trademarks of DHI Technologies, Inc. All other names are properties of their respective owners.

DHI Technologies, Inc.
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