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ThinkFree Office Online Free Service Supports Inserting Shared Images from Flickr

ThinkFree Online Microsoft Office Alternative Allows Users to Add Photos from Flickr to Write, Show and Calc Documents

March 21, 2006; 04:18 AM

Emerging Technology Conference (March 6, 2006) - Have you ever needed to find the perfect picture to punch up a bland presentation or more clearly illustrate your point? ThinkFree Inc., the leading provider of web-based office productivity software, now allows ThinkFree Office Online® users the option of easily inserting images into a Write, Calc, or Show document from the wealth of publicly shared pictures at Flickr®, the online photo management and sharing website. Flickr® has created instant communities where users now have the opportunity to share personal images and life events with friends, family and colleagues. ThinkFree and Flickr were also named separately as PC World's top picks for web work site and photo sharing (respectively) in their magazine's recent roundup of the 50 best new sites, adding extra emphasis to the offering.

ThinkFree Office Online® (register for a free account at http://online.thinkfree.com) lets users tap into the power of photo management communities by adding stunning images from family vacations, compelling visual stories, or humorous photos of friends with merely a couple of mouse clicks. Users have the option of searching for photos that relate to their topic to quickly find the exact image that would enhance their document. ThinkFree Office Online is also now optimized to run faster and includes international spell-check capabilities.

"These improvements give our users even more power and flexibility to quickly create documents that tell the story they want to convey," explains ThinkFree, Inc. CEO and founder TJ Kang. Whether they need to get across a business justification, share academic interests, or express their dreams, our users will find that the latest enhancements help them achieve their goals better than before."

ThinkFree Office Online still provides the applications users have come to depend on to create, edit, and share word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files that are seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Office. Whether using a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, everyone can use the software for free and receive 30MB of free storage by registering at online.thinkfree.com.

To import Flickr images into a document, users can simply insert the picture as they would a photo from the hard drive except choosing "from Flickr" instead of "image file". Users are then able to search the Flickr archives for publicly available images, within the Creative Commons section, matching a keyword. Double clicking the chosen image will insert it into the current document.

Jonathan Crow, Director of Marketing for ThinkFree, adds that Flickr users can be assured that the licensing rights and attribution for their photos is maintained under the Creative Commons license. ThinkFree users don't have to worry about manually attributing the photo to the originator since this information is automatically inserted into the image. Because the Creative Commons license is very clear about usage guidelines, ThinkFree users can also be certain that they are using images in the expressed manner approved by the photographer."

Additionally, the necessary time for the initial launch of the application has been reduced by over half. After the first time using the application, the application is cached on the user's computer and starts as fast as any other desktop application. The new languages for spell-check include Spanish, French, German, UK English, US English, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese. For more information see www.thinkfree.com, or register for a free account directly at online.thinkfree.com.

About ThinkFree
ThinkFree, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a leading developer of platform independent office solutions. Since 2003, the company became a division of Haansoft Inc, a publicly held company on the Korean KOSDAQ stock market [030520]. ThinkFree's mission is to offer market-leading software solutions that leverage the power of the Internet and provide users with a consistent, unified, and productive experience regardless of computing platform.

For more information, please contact ThinkFree at 408-432-5074, or go to www.thinkfree.com.



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