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Jasob.com has released Jasob 1.8, its solution for JavaScript obfuscation

March 21, 2006; 03:39 AM
Why it's good to obfuscate your JavaScript source code?

There are two good reasons. First, you will stop theft of your JavaScript source
code. And second, its size will shrink for around 70% which will significantly
improve download time and execution speed in the web browser.

What is obfuscation anyway?

The obfuscation is a process of replacing long descriptive function and variable
names like Customer, Salary, FirstName... with short meaningless names like
d, g, m.... Comments and unnecessary whitespace characters are also removed.
The functionality of the JavaScript code remains the same while source code changes
dramatically. Obfuscated code is impossible to reverse-engineer and extremely hard
or impossible to understand. It is better to distribute obfuscated version of your
JavaScript code and to keep your original JavaScript source code for yourself.

Jasob 1.8 Features

* Jasob is capable of reading JavaScript code from the following file types:
JavaScript Files, HTML Files, XHTML Files, ASP Files, ASP.NET Files, PHP Files, JSP
Files, XML Files, Cold Fusion Files and ePerl Files.
* Rules for JavaScript code blocks for various sources (file types) can be customized.
* JavaScript names that can\'t be changed in the process of obfuscation can be
* When opening files, Jasob can open a single file, multiple files, the Jasob
project or the whole web site.
* There is the file viewer that shows the selected file\'s contents. Depending on the
currently selected tab at the top of the file viewer, source or obfuscated file\'s
contents is displayed. Syntax highlighting is applied to the file\'s contents to make
it more readable. Syntax highlighting colors can be customized. You can find text,
go to the specified line and character number or use bookmarks. Also, you can easily
highlight selected name(s) occurrences in the file viewer and navigate to those
occurrences. Navigating from name occurrence in the source file\'s contents to the
same name occurrence in the obfuscated file\'s contents and vice versa is also
* The names bag provides support for working with a smaller subset of arbitrary
names. You can apply changes from names in the names bag to names in name lists, or
update names in the names bag with data from names in name lists. You can also add
comments to the names bag, open it, or save it to the file.
* Great support for names that appear in strings.
* Great support for dynamic web pages.
* An optional command-line interface enables you to automate the JavaScript
* Complete, illustrated, on-line User\'s Guide with examples.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server


Jasob 1.8 is available now, and may be downloaded at http://www.jasob.com.

[email protected]



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