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Oakley Networks Announces SureView 4.0 to Protect Against Even the Most Sophisticated Insider Threats


Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 03:52 AM

Oakley Networks, Inc., the leader in insider threat management, today announced the general availability of SureView 4.0, an enterprise grade host-based insider threat management solution. SureView offers enterprises the most comprehensive insider threat management with deep policy granularity, sophisticated threat detection techniques and deep forensic and investigation tools for event reconstruction and analysis. SureView adds context and event correlation to behavioral visibility, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions about remediation, training, business policies and disciplinary actions.

According to last years CSI/FBI computer crime and security survey, unauthorized access to information was the second most expensive type of security event. The survey identified the most critical computer security issues as data protection, policy and regulatory compliance, identity theft and leakage of private information.

SureView gives unprecedented visibility into insider threats with real-time alerts of harmful data leakage from desktop applications like eMail, WebMail, instant messaging, Web browsers, MS Office, the Clipboard, File System, USB Storage, CD, DVD, printing and encryption (SSL, PGP, S/MIME). SureView analyzes this event data against operator-defined and pre-packaged policies to quickly identify potential breaches.

When used with Oakley Networks patent-pending SurePlay replay feature, policy managers and investigators are able to understand the context surrounding an alert so that quick determinations can be made about whether an incident involves acceptable usage or nefarious activity. SurePlay then provides context for action as well as support for evidentiary proceedings.

"Corporate financials, customer data, and other trade secrets within the enterprise are accessible to a large number of users via web-based applications," said Scott Crawford, Senior Analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. Both data intelligence and visibility into employee conduct play a key role here. Without it, organizations are working blind, looking at information without context.

Enterprises have begun to address the challenges of employee and customer data, but the statistics from this past year indicate that legacy monitoring systems and reverse firewalls are not proactive enough, said Derek Smith, CEO of Oakley Networks. The problem is most companies focus on just the data and exit points, rather than the user behavior around the data and the context of each incident. With increased encrypted traffic and offline activity, as well as loosely structured data feeds like AJAX and Web 2.0, organizations need a host-based tool that fills in the enormous gaps left by perimeter solutions.

With SureView 4.0, customers can now benefit from advanced custom application protection and deep directory, database and reporting integration.

Enhanced features of SureView 4.0 include:

  • More comprehensive collection, replay, and data visibility - New collectors, video replay, summary dashboard, customizable filters, full-text-search, etc.
  • Significant performance and scalability improvements on both server and agent - Support for more agents/node, more complex policies, more scalable hardware configurations
  • Better integration with customer enterprise environments - LDAP Integration, Open database model, Dynamic policies, Reporting API, Modular reporting

Price and Availability

SureView 4.0 is now available. Pricing for SureView 4.0 is available upon request. Full-service investigations packages start at $85,000.

About Oakley Networks

Oakley Networks is a leader in insider threat protection, and the only provider of an integrated network and endpoint solution that goes far beyond content monitoring by providing event context and behavioral visibility. Much more than just preventing simple data leaks, Oakley's SureView and CoreView solutions provide the insights to optimize business policies and procedures, conduct extremely focused training and coaching, and full event replay for investigations and forensics.

Oakley Networks was founded in 2001 and is a privately-held company backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Fidelity Ventures, and DAG Ventures.



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