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New PostPath Email and Collaboration Server 2.2 Offers Enterprises Improved Performance, Ease of Installation, and Full Compatibility With Microsoft Exchange and Exchange-Free Environments


Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 03:29 AM

PostPath, creator of the industry’s only email and collaboration server that offers enterprises a drop-in alternative to Exchange, today announced release 2.2 of its PostPath Server. PostPath Server 2.2 supports unmodified Outlook desktops, Active Directory tools, and Blackberry Enterprise Server through PostPath’s unique network protocol interoperability. The new product is aimed both at organizations that intend to run a mixed Exchange/PostPath infrastructure and at those that wish to migrate away from Exchange entirely. In addition, PostPath Server 2.2 makes installation easier by detecting and understanding a more varied range of clients and customer environments.

“As customers gain experience with our product, we see a growing market opportunity with enterprises that are accelerating their migration to an Exchange-free environment,” said PostPath CEO Duncan Greatwood. “Customers are deciding not renew their Exchange licenses, so in our new release we’ve added tools and core components to enable a seamless move to an Exchange-free server infrastructure. We are delivering a massively scalable and cost-effective platform that includes simple, flexible, open solutions for backup; high availability, remote office support, eDiscovery, mobile access, virtualization and ’bottomless’ mailboxes.”

PostPath Server 2.2 offers several benefits. First, Exchange-free operation enables customers to stage and test pilot servers in simple Exchange-free environments, whether or not the customer uses Exchange in its production setups. Second, customers can move at their own pace in deploying PostPath, either running a mixed infrastructure in which Exchange co-exists with PostPath Servers for some time, or moving more rapidly to Exchange-free mode so as to reap the benefits of PostPath across the whole company. In either case, deployment can now proceed without disrupting desktops, Active Directory, or other Exchange-related infrastructure.

PostPath 2.2 Server release also includes comprehensive Active Directory topology and version support, enabling it to fit seamlessly into single-domain, multi-domain, and multi-forest environments. Organizations can deploy the server in even the most complex Active Directory configurations, such as those found at the largest enterprise customers.

“PostPath has made it easy for us to migrate from GroupWise to Outlook without incurring the much greater expense of setting up a Microsoft Exchange Server,” said William Lawyer, information services coordinator for the City of Marshalltown, Iowa. “The ability to install additional remote mail servers without having to purchase additional licensing will save us a significant amount of money in the future. And PostPath works with our existing anti-virus and anti-spam software. From a security perspective, PostPath makes backing up and recovering individual mail boxes much easier than the Exchange environment does.”

About PostPath Server

PostPath’s Email and Collaboration Server 2.2 is a Microsoft Exchange alternative that combines unique support for drop-in compatibility with open-source technologies such as Linux and AJAX web-client access, efficient high availability, standards-based backup and restore, high-volume Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) processing, and low-cost commodity storage. It also delivers drop-in compatibility with unmodified Outlook desktops, Active Directory, already-deployed Exchange infrastructure, and other email ecosystem applications such as BlackBerry. The PostPath Server 2.2 can work in an Exchange-free environment or in a mixed open and Exchange environment.

About PostPath

PostPath has developed the industry’s first plug-compatible alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Fully interoperable with the Exchange ecosystem, PostPath’s email and collaboration server provides enterprises a lean, high-performance messaging infrastructure, a radically improved cost-model, and an innovation-rich upgrade path for corporate messaging and collaboration environments. PostPath was founded in December 2003, and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit www.postpath.com.



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