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Krugle to Power Code Search Engine for Yahoo! Developer Network


Thursday, February 15, 2007; 02:47 AM

Krugle, Inc., the code search engine for developers, today announced it will supply search functionality for the Yahoo! Developer Network, the centralized resource for the developer community that offers open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services that make it easy to extend and build on Yahoo!'s products and services.

The Yahoo! Developer Network hosts the publicly-available code and documentation for Yahoo!-owned properties, and provides tutorials, code samples, and other resources for developers. The Yahoo! Developer Network can now take advantage of Krugle's code search engine and interface to allow developers working with Yahoo! APIs and data to find, save, and share code written in six languages: ActionScript, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

It will also provide users with contextual information as they browse the code, such as associated documentation and dependencies, bug reports, commentary, and user-tagged code and search results that are easily shared among colleagues.

"One of the reasons for Yahoo!'s success has been the company's strong belief in opening up its products for third party developers," said Steve Larsen, CEO of Krugle. "By publishing open APIs and helpful documentation, they create an active and engaged community and encourage developers to create applications which utilize Yahoo!'s technology in new and innovative ways. With this partnership, Krugle will make it easier than ever to leverage the true potential of Yahoo!'s open APIs and Web Services."

To use Krugle code search on Yahoo! Developer Network, visit http://developer.yahoo.com/.

About Krugle, Inc.

Krugle, the code search engine for developers, and was founded in 2005 around the idea of contextual search. Krugle's code search engine makes it easy for developers to find the code they need plus the related technical and licensing information to evaluate and use that code. Krugle lets developers save their search information, share it, and get comments and feedback on code. This essential development process of searching, evaluating and communicating are directly aimed at developers' needs.

Krugle crawls, parses and indexes code found in public repositories, as well as approved private repositories, forums, blogs, and web pages. Results start with a single source file and also its relationship any another files, to understand its use and dependencies. This ability to interactively browse and explore code in a meaningful context provides more accurate results and reduces the time required to make good code decisions.

Krugle is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif. For more information, visit http://www.krugle.com.




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