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New Analyst White Paper Describes How Serendipity Technologies WorkLight Can Consumerize the Enterprise with Web 2.0 Benefits


Wednesday, February 14, 2007; 03:02 AM

Serendipity Technologies Inc., a provider of Enterprise 2.0 software products that consumerize the enterprise application experience, today posted to its Web site, an IDC white paper sponsored by Serendipity that identifies the critical importance of simplifying data access in improving enterprise productivity. The white paper states that "Serendipity's vision and its WorkLight solution are an interesting contribution to the enterprise's ongoing search for the best tools to make information workers more productive."

The IDC white paper, entitled “Consumerizing the Enterprise: Serendipity Technologies’ WorkLight Offers Web 2.0 Benefits to the Enterprise,” describes WorkLight as a product with consumer-style flexibility that can also offer the security and quality businesses require. WorkLight was recently launched at DEMO 07 and recognized as a product to watch in the coming year.

The IDC white paper posits that the success of Web 2.0 technologies in the consumer world, through technologies like RSS, AJAX applications, gadgets, application mashups and social bookmarking have raised expectations of what is possible in the enterprise. Serendipity’s vision and products are based on this new business need to empower workers.

“The WorkLight solution offered by Serendipity Technologies offers a host of benefits for information-intensive organizations,” said Gilad Nass, research director at the Emerging Technologies research service at IDC. “WorkLight aims to foster collaboration within the enterprise by enabling an easier, personalized, user experience and providing easier access to information stored in multiple data silos.”

At the recent DEMO 07 emerging technologies conference in Palm Desert, Calif., Serendipity discussed the dire need for personalized access to enterprise applications. “According to a 2006 IDC study, today's information workers spend roughly one-half of their work time searching for and analyzing information,” stated David Lavenda, vice president of marketing and product strategy at Serendipity Technologies. “That's almost 20 hours a week being sucked out of your worker's valuable time; and that translates into a lot of money. Using WorkLight, information workers, including the new wave of Generation Y-ers entering the workforce, can exploit Web 2.0 technologies to find application data more easily. And, the solution is secure and scalable.”

“At DEMO we showcased WorkLight with very positive feedback from key industry influencers,” said Shahar Kaminitz, CEO and founder of Serendipity Technologies. “The WorkLight vision is to harness the power of Web 2.0 tools from the consumer world in order to revolutionize the way information workers access information and data in the enterprise.”

The IDC white paper is available at www.myworklight.com.

About Serendipity Technologies Inc.

Serendipity’s WorkLight™ provides employees with customized and personalized “Web 2.0-style” access to corporate data that reside in enterprise applications. With WorkLight, employees themselves define how the information they need is aggregated and presented, regardless of the source – within the firewall or publicly available from the Web. Most importantly, organizational access control and security policies are enforced. The benefit to the enterprise is a substantial productivity gain, since people can easily find and use the information they need to do their jobs, quickly, efficiently and securely. Serendipity’s enterprise-ready technology is scalable and conforms to existing and future security and access-control policies. For more information, visit www.myworklight.com.



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