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OpenBOX Technologies Launches v9.0 Application Platform


Friday, February 9, 2007; 03:12 AM

OpenBOX Technologies (OpenBOX), a developer of web-based CRM and enterprise software today launched its OpenBOX v9.0 technology. Built on Microsoft's .NET framework, OpenBOX v9.0 provides customers with quick access to their business data, regardless of which databases are deployed within their organizations. OpenBOX solutions easily integrate with their existing infrastructures, including back-office accounting and ERP applications, instead of the "rip and replace" options they are faced with when updating business processes or new technologies.

OpenBOX v9.0's strengths include a Data Presentation Layer(TM) (DPL) that enables organizations to access information from their existing databases, such as DB2, SQL or Oracle, into one view. This back-end DPL is invisible to end users allowing them seamless viewing of relevant information regardless of data source. The application can be customized using CSS style sheets not just at the user interface (UI) level, but also forms and fields, making the application's look and feel exclusive to each organization. OpenBOX v9.0 is built on Microsoft's .NET platform and utilizes XML and AJAX for maximum flexibility, interactivity, speed, and usability for the end user.

"Our latest technology focuses on providing end users with a simple interface and workflow that they need to do their jobs more productively," said David Baeder, President and CEO of OpenBOX Technologies. He continued, "We always keep the end users in mind and understand that they may have already invested heavily on existing technologies. With OpenBOX v9.0, we have enhanced capability to accommodate them at any level, whether it's choosing a new solution for the first time or working with their existing business processes and technologies. We help leverage areas within their organization where OpenBOX can increase productivity and provide better, faster access to their data cost effectively and with minimal disruption."

From OpenBOX's Service & Support 9.0 product line, the latest solution is Customer Service for Manufacturers. Created specifically for product manufacturers and distributors, OpenBOX automates customer service processes by managing and tracking issues/tickets, work orders, RMAs, warranties, and shipments while maintaining asset, customer, product and vendor/supplier information.

OpenBOX's own focus on customer satisfaction has led the company to build solid, long-term relationships in both the SMB (small to medium sized businesses) and large enterprise markets. One such enterprise is Vicor Corporation, a multi-million dollar modular power systems and components manufacturer. "OpenBOX was instrumental in the implementation of our CRM solution and has continued to be a highly valued resource. In an environment where changing business decisions often drive new functional requirements and changes to existing functionality, they have been able to take ideas and consistently implement them into reality. OpenBOX really listens to us and is committed to delivering," said Robyn Wheaton, Director Worldwide Customer Service & Systems.

Baeder concluded, "As BPM (business process management) and SaaS (software as a service) trends increase in the market, OpenBOX v9.0's flexibility and powerful tool set can be utilized in these areas, as well as other emerging technologies, as customers begin to embrace them. With our latest technology, the possibilities are endless for us!"

About OpenBOX Technologies

Headquartered in Providence, RI, OpenBOX Technologies develops off the shelf CRM applications, enterprise-wide solutions, and provides Professional Services to small, mid-sized and large businesses. Its OpenBOX v9.0 technology is available hosted or turnkey. For more information call 877-361- 6536 or visit http://www.openbox.net/.



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