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Drive, Walk, Search and Share -- Telmap Launches Telmap Navigator 3.0


Thursday, February 8, 2007; 02:30 AM

Telmap, a world leader in mapping and navigation solutions, today announced the launch of Telmap Navigator version 3.0. The new version will be demonstrated with key partners including BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm, at this years 3GSM World Congress. As a server-based, real-time solution Telmap Navigator 3.0 offers both business users and consumers a superior navigation experience that can be used both in-car and on foot.

Version 3.0 is another important milestone on the Telmap route to fulfilling its vision of providing a professional, usable and extensive LBS solution for mobile users, said Ronen Soffer, CTO of Telmap. In the past year we have developed our roadmap through listening to Telmaps numerous active, loyal end-users globally, as well as discussing future needs, trends and models with our Customers, Operators and Partners. 2007 will bring many more such milestones, with the Telmap Navigator further strengthening its position as the leading mass-market LBS and Mobile Navigation solution in the Wireless Industry.

The new version of Telmap Navigator introduces a number of enhancements and new additions to its already successful application:

Pedestrian Navigation - Telmap Navigator is the only system that comes with a dedicated, rich-map based Pedestrian guidance and navigation feature, which now offers better usability with GPS/ A-GPS handsets.

Free-Text Local Search (Whats where?) - This enables users to access an extensive and intuitive interface to POIs and other geo-referenced content. Searches such as Parking, Luigis and Sushi are easily performed with reliable results guaranteed by the Search technology, backed by a growing number of premium rich content sources in the various regions/ markets.

This new Local Search features allows searching for places

  • Near current (GPS) position,
  • In another town or near an address, post/zip code etc.
  • On a map, whereas the results appear as clickable icons
  • Around any place from the Address Book, Recent Places etc.

Comprehensive Content sharing - offering multiple ways to collect and share content between both users and applications. Users can create Custom Points of Interest (POI) by geocoding addresses, pinpointing the map, or importing a location from their Location Inbox. Sharing Content is possible through Location messaging a feature using text messages to send and receive the name, attributes and location of a place or through the Telmap User Content Management (UCM) Platform, allowing the synchronization of Location between users and applications. This is supported by a set of UCM APIs that allow 3rd-party consumer and enterprise applications such as Community, Workforce and Dispatch apps, to send and share custom content with Navigator.

Additionally, the Telmap Planner feature allows users to perform Mapping and Searches, Route Planning, Sync with mobile devices as well as additional personalization for content and preferences. The Web tool comes with an extensive AJAX API set for 3rd-party integration.

Currently offered by a growing number of wireless operators in both EMEA and North America, Telmap has extended the global geographical coverage to a number of new countries and regions including:

  • Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the Baltics countries.
  • Africa: full coverage of South Africa
  • Asia and Pacific: Hong Kong

Telmap Navigator provides users a unique user experience with:

  • Unrivaled Navigation quality and experience, based on Telmaps MOND (Mobile-Optimized Navigation Data) Technology
  • Professional guidance, with a vector-based moving map, and clear, well-timed voice and graphic instructions.
  • Traffic Information and Traffic-aware Routing, with on-route alerts, available in multiple regions/ markets.
  • Dynamic Content support, including on-route alerts for layers such as Speed Cameras.

About Telmap

Telmap is a leading technology provider of a wide range of innovative applications designed for the mobile mapping and navigation arena. Its server-based solution provides premium content, global geographic coverage, and travel content all in real-time.

Telmaps technology leadership has been recognized by numerous industry groups. Recent awards include being named a 2006 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, winning the Red Herring 100 Europe award in 2005, and winning the Best Maps award in the Directions Magazine/Microsoft Corporation 2004 Web Mapping Contest.

Telmap was founded in 2000, and is headquartered in Israel, with offices in the US, the UK and Finland. Its worldwide base of customers and partners includes numerous leading cellular operators and handset manufacturers. Telmap is a member of the Science Navigation Group. For more information, please visit www.telmap.com.



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