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Laszlo Systems and webMethods Become Charter Sponsors of SOA World 2007 and Enterprise Open Source Conferences


Monday, February 5, 2007; 03:36 AM

SYS-CON Events announced today that Laszlo Systems and webMethods joined SOA World 2007 East Conference & Expo colocated with Enterprise Open Source Conference & Expo as "Charter Sponsors."

Laszlo Systems is the original developer of the open source platform OpenLaszlo, and provider of Rich Internet Applications and services that advance the Web experience. OpenLaszlo is an XML-native foundation for building next generation Web applications that increase customer retention, conversion and brand loyalty. Laszlo provides comprehensive support services, education, and commercial application modules so that any company can easily make the move to Rich Internet Applications.

webMethods provides business process integration to over 1,400 of the world's largest corporations and government agencies, enabling them to achieve faster business improvements and competitive differentiation. By taking a process-centric approach to integration, webMethods allows customers to reuse their existing IT assets and achieve greater process automation and visibility.

SYS-CON Events also announced that the "Call for Papers" for SOA World 2007 East Conference & Expo and Enterprise Open Source 2007 East Conference & Expo, both to be held June 25-26, 2007, in New York City, closed today.

Topics include all development and management aspects of Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture plus all development and management aspects of Open Source technology.

SOA World 2007 East Conference & Expo
According to industry analyst firm Gartner Group, by 2008 more than 60 percent of enterprises will use SOA as the guiding principle when creating mission-critical applications and processes. "Businesses that ignore the potential of SOA will find themselves outpaced by rivals who improve their agility and transform themselves into new kinds of enterprises," says Gartner analyst Yafim Natis.

Help with that transformation: submit your speaking proposal today. Topics will include:

Transitioning Successfully to SOA
Federated Web Services
SOA Governance
The Business Case for SOA
Interop & Standards
Web Services Management
Messaging Buses and SOA
Enterprise Service Buses
SOBAs (Service-Oriented Business Apps)
Delivering ROI with SOA
Java Web Services
XML Web Services
Professional Open Source
Systems Integration
Grid Computing
Business Process Management
Web Services Choreography
Speaker Candidates
Ideal candidates are i-Technology experts who have first-hand experience in the development and/or implementation of Web services, .NET, MX, or Java applications, XML-based technologies, and service-oriented architectures in general. .NET and Java developers involved in building, deploying, or maintaining Web services and IT/IS management involved in IT integration and related issues are also welcome.

If you have something substantive, challenging, and original to offer, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. In the proposal, please highlight previous speaking engagements including classroom or course work. Please provide at least three references with respect to speaking ability, as well as contact information that will allow us to reach you to evaluate presentation skills. Past speakers do not need to provide references.

Enterprise Open Source 2007 East Conference & Expo
In the world of Enterprise Open Source software, the code is free and open but you can pay for things such as support, packaging, and/or reliable distributions. This conference aims to help attendees navigate the choppy waters between what JBoss CEO Marc Fleury calls "the expectations/perceptions of the open source community and the reality of sustaining the kind of software and services that professional IT management can be comfortable signing off on."

Help with that navigation process: submit your speaking proposal today. Topics will include:

Open Source Licenses
Open Source & E-Mail
ROI Case Studies
Open Source ERP & CRM
Open-Source SIP
LAMP Technologies
Open Source on the Desktop
Open Source & Sarbanes-Oxley
IP Management
Speaker Candidates
Ideal candidates are i-Technology experts who have first-hand experience in building, deploying and developing the Open Source environment , perl, php, Python, Apache, Eclipse, Symbian, LAMP, MacLAMP, mySQL.

If you have something substantive, challenging, and original to offer, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. In the proposal, please highlight previous speaking engagements including classroom or course work. Please provide at least three references with respect to speaking ability, as well as contact information that will allow us to reach you to evaluate presentation skills.

Benefits of Being a Member of the 2007 Faculty
Speakers will receive unprecedented visibility in pre-conference promotion in print and online. They will also receive exposure via the accompanying Web Services Edge 2007 East conference portal for many months prior to and following the conference. Sessions may be recorded and made available via the Internet to a wider audience (at the discretion of SYS-CON Events). Speakers will have the benefit of attending the entire conference as our guest.

SOA World 2006 East and Enterprise Open Source Conference 2006 East Sponsors Included:

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium.For more than two decades, the company's award-winning technologies and software have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content that engages people anywhere at anytime.

Apress is a publishing company devoted to meeting the needs of programmers and IT professionals. Apress' unique approach to computer book publishing grew out of conversations between Dan Appleman and Gary Cornell, Apress' founders, who believe that too many programming books are of such low quality that they are a complete waste of time. Computer professionals need quality books that are not just rehashes of documentation.

Backbase offers Rich User Interface / AJAX software to enable web developers to create a much richer user experience for their online applications. Our AJAX technology combines the "reach" of web applications with the "richness" of desktop applications. Backbase AJAX software can be used with a normal web browser, without the need to install plug-ins such as Flash or Java. Backbase includes a complete development and runtime environment, which makes development of AJAX applications efficient.

CalAmp is a recognized leader in satellite DBS technology, wireless networks, software application development, embedded computing and enterprise mobility. Our solutions enable anytime/anywhere access to critical information, data and entertainment content. With comprehensive capabilities ranging from enterprise consulting to product design and development to volume production, CalAmp delivers cost-effective, high-quality, and specially chosen technologies to a broad array of customers and end markets. These include the telemetry and asset training markets, public safety communications, the healthcare industry, and digital multimedia delivery applications. The Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) represented here at the SOA Web Services Expo, works with global enterprises on the design and deployment of cutting-edge IT and software application platforms. Our products and services offer robust and scalable SOA and Web Services solutions with a proven success record in a variety of industries including Retail, High-Tech, and Digital Media.

Cassatt is an enterprise software and services company delivering solutions that turn an organization's current IT infrastructure into a dynamic, virtual pool of resources that can be tapped on demand. Goal-driven automation from Cassatt continuously optimizes IT resources to meet business service level agreements, dramatically improving IT responsiveness while slashing costs. Based in San Jose, California, Cassatt is a privately held company led by BEA founding Bill Coleman, with financial backing from NEA and Warburg Pincus. For more information, visit http://www.cassatt.com

Centric CRM
Centric CRM is the developer of the world's most advanced, Enterprise Open Source Customer Relationship Management system, Centric CRM. Under development for seven years, Centric CRM comprises over 2-million lines of code representing 50 man-years of development. Its advanced Java/J2EE, web-based, and object-oriented architecture runs on all standards-based platforms. It's used today by Fortune 500 companies in large configurations and by thousands of smaller businesses. Centric CRM includes all common CRM modules and adds significant capabilities such as cross-module Action Plans, collaborative Project and Document Management, Customer Surveys, and sophisticated Help Desk functions. These tools help companies create a rich 360° view of their customers. Centric CRM is THE system of choice for enterprises deploying or upgrading CRM technology that are serious about security, scalability, and robust features. And all in a package that is low cost and easy to use, deploy and maintain. Centric CRM--Built for the Enterprise...Open to All.

Chariot Solutions
Chariot Solutions is a technology services firm dedicated to helping organizations improve productivity through effective business process automation. Our consultants possess a rare combination of industry and deep technical expertise, uniquely qualifying them to design, develop, support and tune mission critical systems for our clients.

Composite Software
Composite Software is the leader in on-demand enterprise data integration. Our Enterprise Information Integration (EII) technology and solutions allow companies to find, access, combine, and deliver on-demand information from critical data sources located in disparate sources across the enterprise, including SAP, Siebel, and Oracle applications. Our solutions enable companies to deploy enterprise data services within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Web services, or simply using a traditional SQL-based approach. We present information as a single data-services layer to enable you to easily build information applications.

Exadel, Inc. is a leading provider of software, services and support that enable companies to create mission-critical business applications based on open source and Java technologies. Offering unmatched expertise at building reliable business solutions, Exadel solves real business problems for hundreds of domestic and international clients, including ABN AMRO Bank (www.mortgage.com), AT&T, Bank of America, eBay, Echopass, GE, Honeywell and Time Warner. Exadel's fast, scalable and cost-effective solutions reduce application lifecycle costs and development time, eliminating vendor lock-in and improving overall client productivity.

Exadel's commercial product line includes Exadel Studio Pro and Visual Component Platform. Exadel's open source contributions include Enterprise Component Platform and AJAX for JSF. Exadel services include custom online and onsite training, Exadel Development Boost and Exadel Professional Services. Founded in 1998, Exadel is privately owned and located in the San Francisco Bay Area with development offices located in Chicago, Minsk, and Moscow. For more information, go to www.exadel.com or call 1.888.4EXADEL.

Ingres Corporation is the world's leading provider of business open source relational databases for companies of all sizes. Ingres's mission is to supply the market with the best database technology at a price point that enables customers, both large and small, and partners to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership. Based in Redwood City, California, Ingres is a young and dynamic company. Ingres was formed as a partnership between Computer Associates and Garnett & Helfrich Capital with a product range that has loyal customer base, many of whom have been using the technology for more than a decade.

Metallect helps enterprises adopt and govern Service Oriented Architectures. Metallect's IQ Server uses advanced semantic inferencing and metamodeling to guide organizations through all stages of the service development and governance lifecycle. In the design phase, IQ Server discovers and maps common business services to legacy application logic that may be appropriate for promotion as a services or integration with newly developed services. Instances of duplicative or redundant logic can be rapidly identified, consolidated and deleted. In development, IQ Server addresses service and logic dependencies to enable rapid assessment and impact analysis. Post deployment, IQ Server provides an auditing solution for managing governance of ongoing service creation, modification and sun-setting policies. Regardless of whether you are just beginning your SOA initiatives or at the point where you need to manage policies governing existing services, don't continue on without the detailed logic-level knowledge Metallect's IQ Server delivers.

Optaros is a consulting and systems integration firm that helps enterprises solve IT business problems by providing services and solutions that maximize the benefits of open source software. Bringing together experts in creating enterprise IT solutions and experts in the power of open source, Optaros plans and builds business systems that give you better value today and increased control in the future. For more about Optaros, go to www.optaros.com

OSS Nokalva
OSS Nokalva solutions enable enterprises to efficiently process XML in web applications significantly reducing the verbosity and overhead of SOAP/XML. Our standards-based binary XML solutions are perfect for Web Services in resource-constrained and/or bandwidth-constrained environments. Both FAST SOAP and Traditional XML SOAP messages are supported in our solutions, allowing speed where it is needed while maintaining the ability to communicate with traditional XML based peers. Founded in 1988, OSS is a leading vendor of software development toolkits that empower companies worldwide to rapidly and reliably develop standards based solutions for XML, Web Services, ASN.1, and Biometrics. OSS solutions are deployed in several applications including mission-critical systems in Telecommunications, Space and Military applications. OSS serves 900+ customers including several major global corporations such as Cisco, IBM, Motorola, Siemens, Verisign, Ericsson, Sun, HP and many others. Several OSS employees are active participants in the W3C Efficient XML, OASIS and ASN.1 Standards Groups.

Parasoft is the leading provider of innovative solutions for automated testing and analysis within the software development lifecycle. Parasoft products and services enable software developers and IT organizations significantly to enhance total software quality and security, accelerate time to market, dramatically reduce development expenses, and increase end-user satisfaction.

In a Web services environment, business processes contain services that can span applications, departments and organizations. Component-based tests at the message and implementation layers are critical for ensuring service integrity and stability. Parasoft solutions for SOA help predict and prevent potential problems, detect and remove existing problems, and build applications that can recover if an error does occur.

Rogue Wave Software
Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq: QVDX), provides reusable software components and services to professional developers for enterprise-class, high-performance application development, including Rogue Wave® Hydra, LEIF, SourcePro® C++, and Stingray®. Today, thousands of developers at some of the world's leading companies have used these products to develop mission-critical applications. Rogue Wave Software operates throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit http://www.roguewave.com.

SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. SugarCRM's mission is to provide the most innovative, highest quality, easily customized and most appreciated business tools created by the open source development and business models. SugarCRM develops solutions by actively engaging the CRM community, consisting of users, customers, developers and experts, and incorporates their needs, opinions and experiences into the solution.

Web Age Solutions
Web Age Solutions understands that unique business processes and services are integrated into every Application Development strategy. Since 1999 we have been a frontrunner in providing technical education solutions for Fortune 500 organizations implementing these critical processes and technologies. Years of expertise in Web Services, WSDL, XML and SOAP, coupled with substantial knowledge of environments such as WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss; uniquely positions Web Age to now offer solutions in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Additionally, Web Age has the in-house expertise to deliver vendor specific, customized training, based on how each company may choose to implement SOA. Web Age differentiates itself by moving far beyond basic SOA offerings of theory, which are often conceptual and vendor-generic in nature. Regardless of platform, and whether the job role is Business Analyst, Administrator, Developer, Architect, Tester, Manager or Executive, Web Age is able to assist corporations with all phases of SOA planning, training and implementation.



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