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Bling Software Launches Ajax Client for Mobile Handset


Wednesday, January 31, 2007; 03:55 AM

At DEMO 2007, Bling Software, Inc. unveiled their Ajax-based (Asynchronous, JavaScript, XML) Web client for the mobile handset. With this announcement, Bling Software enables companies to build and deliver the most visually stunning and data-rich applications ever available on the mobile handset. For the first time, consumers can enjoy dynamic mobile applications from Bling Software's early customers including Jay-Z, Barry Bonds, Ninja Mobile, The Onion, Amp'd Mobile and GoTV Networks.

Although the number of mobile handsets outnumbers PCs, to date, dynamic mobile applications have been too costly and much too complex to develop, port and distribute. Bling Software is the first fully extensible, cross-platform, JavaScript-enabled client (the Bling Player(TM)) for the mobile handset that is small enough to be distributed over the air to consumers. Mobile content owners can now create truly fast and dynamic mobile applications in a matter of days and then mass distribute them to mobile consumers. The Bling Player reduces the time, cost and complexity of developing state of the art mobile applications.

"The likes of Apple, Google and Yahoo have made the Ajax programming model a success on the desktop, and now, Bling Software is the first to bring it to the mobile handset," said Seamus McAteer, senior analyst, M:Metrics, the Mobile Market Authority. "The highly interactive experience seen in leading-edge desktop-based Web pages or Widgets, can now be experienced on the mobile handset. Bling Software's approach blows away the complexity barrier for creating mobile content."

"Bling Software allows us to create a better user experience while also getting to market much faster," said David Bluhm, CEO, GoTV. "With Bling, our Mobile Video Portals(TM) can now be created by anyone with a Web development background so we can focus 100 percent on creating a better user experience."

"We've unlocked the world's largest applications market," said Roy Satterthwaite, CEO and co-founder, Bling Software. "We removed the barriers so virtually any content owner can provide the mobile consumer a superior user experience."

Bling Software CEO and co-Founder, Roy Satterthwaite, and Bling Software Vice President, Products, Mike Uomoto, will take the DEMO 07 stage with Barry Bonds' Web designer Anthony Phills, to demonstrate how to build an application for the mobile handset. Bling Software will present on Wednesday, January 31, at 4:10 p.m. PST.

To experience a personal, live demonstration, and to meet with Bling Software executives, visit station #29 at the DEMO 07 conference. DEMO.com visitors will be able to view Bling Software's live stage presentation within 24 hours of the demonstration, by clicking on the "Watch DEMO Videos" tab.



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