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Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source Enterprise IT Monitoring Product


Monday, January 29, 2007; 08:23 AM

Zenoss, Inc. today announced a new version of its open source Zenoss Core enterprise network and systems monitoring software that adds automatic configuration change tracking, automated remediation of IT infrastructure problems, and other features that are critical for effective IT management. Zenoss Core is the most complete IT management solution available as a free downloadable open source product, providing powerful, integrated and easily deployed inventory, availability, performance and event monitoring capabilities.

"Release 1.1 addresses two key challenges: configuration change tracking and automatic remediation of failures. We focused on change tracking in particular after surveying attendees at the recent Large Installation Systems Administrator conference in Washington D.C., who told us that configuration tracking is their second most pressing systems management need after monitoring," said Project Leader Erik Dahl. "This release significantly raises the bar in open source IT management."

    New features in Zenoss Core 1.1 include:

    Automated Change Tracking
     -- Automatically detect and log changes to network and server
     -- View reports of changes at a node level or group level over time
     -- Automatically notify operators of configuration changes using alerting

    Automatic Remediation
     -- Build policy rules for automatic remediation steps based on
        availability issues, performance issues or alarms
     -- Automatic execution of standard actions (e.g. start/stop) or custom
        remediation scripts

    Expanded Reports & Export
     -- New cross-system reports on availability, performance metrics and
        event classes added to the standard report library
     -- Supports export of all reports to flat files for importing and
        analysis in spreadsheet tools and other systems

    User Interface Enhancements
     -- 100% administrable through web-based GUI, including viewing of Zenoss
        log files, starting/stopping Zenoss daemons, etc.
     -- Ability to zoom and pan time-series performance graphs through an AJAX
        component for easier problem identification and analysis

"Pando Networks provides extremely sophisticated, high volume data delivery service that requires us to manage a large, complex server facility with multiple bandwidth providers. We selected Zenoss because it is the only open source management system that provides a robust, enterprise-class feature set," said Pando Network CTO and Co-Founder, Laird Popkin. "Flexibility and extensibility were critical to allowing us to easily integrate monitoring from the networking layer through deep integration with our application functionality into a single monitoring platform that can scale affordably with our business."

"Zenoss has allowed us to gain better insight into the health and performance of our servers," said Stephen Ames, President of Managed Web Services. "The Zenoss implementation team helped us understand system monitoring, addressed our business needs, and provided support that moved us quickly through the implementation."

Zenoss Core is the most downloaded commercial open source IT management software product and has been deployed by thousands of organizations throughout the world. Zenoss Core 1.1 is available for download at http://www.zenoss.com/download/ .

About Zenoss, Inc.

Zenoss, Inc. headquartered in Annapolis, MD is an open source network and systems management software company that is making sophisticated IT management available to organizations of all sizes. Zenoss Core -- the most downloaded commercial open source IT management software product -- is an integrated IT monitoring software package that allows IT administrators to manage the status and health of their entire infrastructures through a single web-based console. The privately held company has received investment from Boulder Ventures and Intersouth Partners. For more information, please visit http://www.zenoss.com .



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