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TotalEdit Premium Editing Software Makes it Easy to Edit Across a Wide Range of Programming Languages


Monday, January 22, 2007; 02:03 AM

CoderTools (www.codertools.com) has released v3.50 of TotalEdit, a PC based software package that allows programmers to edit work in many programming languages, including PHP, C++, Java, HTML, XML, ASP, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Pascal and SQL.

TotalEdit has all the basic editing tools standard in similar programs, but the additional features make it the clear choice for programmers around the globe. Those features include:

* Code folding and colour coding allow easy navigation and code editing in various languages. Use code compare to identify unwanted file changes.
* Powerful search tools mean quick searches for a specific piece of text, or searches on multiple files and folders. These and a host of other options are fully customizable.
* Edit text in any language, as TotalEdit complies with the Unicode standard. Unicode file conversion allows editing UTF-16 Unicode files and then saving them to UTF-8 or vice versa. Also included is advanced file detection to automatically identify the type of the file being loaded.
* The hex editor allows programmers to edit files in hexadecimal. Hex and decimal search and ‘goto’ features are available to navigate files opened with the hex editor.
* The file system explorer updates automatically, meaning users can navigate the file system and desktop without leaving the editor.
* The code backup feature keeps a total history of saved files, allowing users to recover any earlier version. It is completely configurable. Change the location of the backups, compare backup versions in ‘code compare’ and select how many backups to keep.

TotalEdit costs US$39.95 and is available from http://www.codertools.com.



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