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Sitepoint Announces "An AJAX Book You Can Use"


Tuesday, July 18, 2006; 03:59 AM

SitePoint, provider of online and printed content for web professionals, announced the release of "Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications" by Matthew Eernisse.

The author works as a web developer for a couple of Web 2.0 companies, writes about programming, operates a webcast radio, plays drums and is fluent in Japanese. 

SitePoint's press release stated that the title answered the question of "How can you produce AJAX applications that don't disrupt the browser's navigation tools (i.e. bookmarks and the Back button), or leave users of assistive technologies like screen readers in the dark?"

"This book will help you build responsible, professional, and robust AJAX applications, enhancing the user experience while ensuring minimal impact on your app's accessibility," noted Mark Harbottle, CEO of SitePoint.

In the book, readers will find all the code needed to produce the fades, slides, instant feedback, and drag-and-drop capabilities that make an AJAX application. Yet all features are implemented in realistic and pragmatic ways that address concerns of backwards compatibility and accessibility -- issues with which developers grapple daily.

The code in "Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications" has been tested across all major browsers and platforms by a third party, to ensure that all scripts are compatibile and immediately deployable in reader's own projects.

Sample chapters are available from the publisher's website at sitepoint.com. 



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