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Open Source Lab Simile Releases AJAX Timeline Tool


Tuesday, July 4, 2006; 05:01 AM

Simile, a joint project between W3C and MIT, released an AJAX tool for vizualization of time-based events.  Creators of the appropriately named Timeline describe it as "DHTML-based AJAXy widget... like  Google Maps for time-based information."

A timeline (see screenshot below) contains one or more bands, which can be panned infinitely by dragging with the mouse pointer. A band can be configured to synchronize with another band such that panning one band also scrolls the other.  A timeline is implemented as a div element that contains inner div elements as its bands.  Events can be displayed in the bands.

Timeline is used with zero software installation, server-side or client-side. Users can populate Timeline with data by pointing it to an XML file or by using other means of loading data.

Complete documentation, the JavaScript API code and sample XML files are available at http://simile.mit.edu/timeline/.  Several live demos are set up online, including a Timeline example with the events that took place around the time of the assasination of President Kennedy.

The SVN code repository for Timeline is located at http://simile.mit.edu/repository/timeline/. It is open source software licenced under the BSD license. 


The Kennedy Assasination AJAX Timeline.


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