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Introducing the Clean AJAX Engine


By Zim Krapt
JavaScriptSearch Contributing Author
Friday, May 19, 2006; 08:01 AM


Clean is a cross-browser AJAX engine that controls all the stages of an AJAX request:

  • Request dispatch.
  • Response processing.
  • XSLT processing.
  • DOM iteraction.

And it's also more than a flat reference implementation that have been made already, it provides many features:

  • Full object abstraction: you just need to create ONE object to get your request done, abstracting everything else (DOM, XMLHttpRequest, ActiveX, XSLT, etc);
  • Fire and forget approach: Clean is inspired on JMS (Java Message Service), so you don't need to care about to process the responses. You just define the element that is the message comsumer and Clean will deliver it for you;
  • Configuration by exception: Clean messages require mimimum explicit configuration to work. Just TWO message's fields are required to get a request done;
  • Customization: The messages can be customized to override default engine behaviors. It is possible to customized message's processing and error handling;
  • Multiple request handle: Clean is able to handle multiple request simultaneously;
  • Exception handle: Clean is aware about exceptions that can occur and how to report them;
  • Message life cycle monitoration: Clean provides a trace console that monitors request life cycle;
  • Request pool: Clean manages requests using an absolutely transparent pool;
  • Garbage collection: Clean removes all the trash dinamically;
  • WebService integration: Clean provides easy integration with WebServices, because its XSLT built in features;
  • Cross-browser: Clean is compatible with the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape)
For more information access http://clean-ajax.sourceforge.net/




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