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Pixsy Launches AJAX-Powered Visual Search


The Visual Search Engine Looks for Visual Content in RSS Feeds

Tuesday, April 4, 2006; 02:26 AM

Pixsy.com is a new web service that searches for images and videos using AJAX technology.  The service looks for visuals in RSS feeds and categorizes them in a searchable directory. It collects content from thousands of providers; according to Pixsy the number is growing rapidly.

The popular Google Image Search looks for content in webpages.  In contrast, Pixsy searches the more dynamic and swiftly expanding realm of RSS feeds, which are provided mainly by blogs and news outlets.     

Pixsy does not show directly the pages, where the visual content resides; instead, the new search engine provides strictly the relevant results, in the form of photos and movies.  The demand for such services is rising: according to researcher Nielsen NetRatings, the image search was the fastest growing form of search  in the last year, up 91 percent from February 2005 to February 2006.

Pixsy uses a simple interface; once a search term is entered, the results appear in two tabbed areas - images and videos. Clicking on a result entry brings out a preview, superimposed over the rest of search results.  From there users can choose to go to the source page.  


About Pixsy 

Pixsy Corporation is a developer of image search solutions with offices in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA. Pixsy owns and operates www.pixsy.com, a web-based visual search engine that aggregates and searches RSS feeds. Pixsy was founded by a team of engineers and business talent hailing from Microsoft, Sony, InfoSpace, and Corbis.




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