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Building a Pagination System with AJAX

by Alejandro Gervasio June 06, 2006
You know how to use AJAX to pull rows from a database , but do you know how to create an AJAX-based system to organize the records neatly into pages?

AJAX: Creating Huge Bookmarklets

by Brad Neuberg May 19, 2006
A bookmarklet is a special piece of JavaScript code that can be dragged into a user's link toolbar, and which later can be clicked on to implement cross-site behavior. People have done all sorts of cool stuff with it.

"Roll Your Own" JavaScript and PHP Syndication

by Will Bontrager April 28, 2006
When you have content on your web site that you wish to make available for others to publish, yet want control of what is published, it can be syndicated with JavaScript or with PHP.

The Matching Columns Script: Matching CSS div Heights with JavaScript

by Stefan Milschook April 07, 2006
One of the fundamental problems people have with CSS page-level layout is matching CSS div heights. Others might call this ‘matching column heights’ in web pages. In this article/video (see below,) we are going to solve this problem using a lesser known JavaScript method: the Matching Columns Script.

Image Cross Fade Redux

by Steven Chipman March 22, 2006
An effective way to show your photos online.

Simple AJAX Chat

March 20, 2006
A simple chat script. It is a demonstration of what several dozens lines of AJAX code can do.

How to Develop Web Applications with Ajax: Part 3

by Jonathan Fenocchi March 08, 2006
In part 3 of this series on Ajax, we'll learn how to use Ajax in conjunction with server-side processing and how these technologies can produce powerful web applications.

JavaScript Popup Media Player

by Jonathan Fenocchi February 17, 2006
Playing videos in popup windows is often a simple task, but when you end up with multiple pages for each individual video, things can quickly become complicated. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to use just one page for your popup.

Automatic Ad-Rotation in JavaScript

by Jonathan Fenocchi February 17, 2006
This article will focus on rotating the ads, in random order, over a period of time without reloading the page.

JavaScript and Accessibility. Pt. 2.

by Jonathan Fenocchi February 17, 2006
Last week we began this series with a discussion about new practical and standards-compliant use of JavaScript. We continue that this week beginning with Form Validation.

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