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Email Address Protector

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Here's a clever way to prevent email address collecting "robots" from grabbing your email address while still making your address available to your visitors.

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Title: Not clever at all April 21, 2006
Comment by NoScripts

Anyone that uses this is opening themselves up to javascript savvy email harvesting bots, or since nothing is randomized here, harvestors that simpley detect the exact text of this code. Also, people using browsers with javascript turned off won\'t see this at all, and there isn\'t even a NOSCRIPT message included to mention they might be missing something. Accessiblity is about users still being able to get the content even with things like javascript or images turned off, which is why I don\'t think an image of the email address is the answer either. One solution that *does* meet this criteria is found at: http://mardeg.sitesled.com It generates a random-text logo of the email address and shrinks it using inline CSS so it looks like normal text. So at worst, if a browser has styling turned off they just see a huge text-logo of the address. The key here is it is STILL VISIBLE.



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