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New KickApps Solution Enables Social Media Publishers to Monetize Video Content

December 13, 2007; 05:08 AM

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KickApps, the leading on-demand social media platform, today announced the availability of a new solution that allows customers to quickly and easily generate revenue through in-stream video advertising. An industry first, the integrated solution combines KickApps easy-to-deploy community-building platform with Advertising.coms Lightningcast video ad serving system. By integrating the two platforms, publishers are now able to serve ads via both editorial and user-generated video content on their KickApps-powered social media sites.

The recently formed partnership between KickApps and Advertising.com, and the new joint offering will for the first time enable diverse sites to insert dynamic, in-stream advertisements from the Advertising.com network into their videos as pre- or post-roll messages.

Owners and distributors of broadband video are realizing the potential of in-stream advertising, said Lynda Clarizio, president, Advertising.com. This combination of user-friendly community building and streamlined video ad serving will enable publishers of all sizes to deliver video ads that are relevant to their specific site content.

Advertising.coms Lightningcast platform was designed to help Web publishers to insert, manage and track ads that are incorporated within their videos. The new integrated solution will now enable KickApps affiliates large and small to generate their fair share of advertising revenue from their sites.

Todays announcement is the latest example of how were eliminating barriers to effectively monetize video content included within KickApps-powered social media experiences, said Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps. The integration with Advertising.coms Lightningcast platform gives our publishers a new way to monetize both editorial and user-generated content, enabling them to get even more value from their KickApps implementation. Additionally, it opens the door for advertisers to reach their desired audiences in the context of our customers sites.

About Advertising.com

Advertising.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL LLC, is a global online advertising services company. The company offers a fully integrated suite of online advertising solutions, including display advertising, search engine marketing, managed affiliate placements and video advertising. These solutions are powered by Advertising.coms award-winning optimization technology and industry-leading third-party display advertising network, which reaches more unique visitors each month than any other online property. For more information, visit www.advertising.com.

About KickApps

KickApps on demand social media applications enable web publishers and marketers to quickly and easily grow, engage and monetize online audiences. Our platform features a broad spectrum of applications, including social networking, user-generated content, online video players and viral Widgets, that are tightly integrated with media and community management tools for complete control of the community. KickApps is highly customizable and flexible for seamless integration with any website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and APIs. Customers include: ABC Family, CW Television, Scripps Network Interactive, VIBE Magazine, HBO, Cinemax, BET Networks, Cox Television, Fila, Kraft Foods, P&G, the Phoenix Suns, among many others. For more information, please visit www.kickapps.com and www.kickdeveloper.com.

Source: www.businesswire.com



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